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Thread: [Recruiting] Shame | LEVEL 9 | TH9+ | Clan Wars

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    [Recruiting] Shame | LEVEL 9 | TH9+ | Clan Wars

    Shame is the clan for any lost souls who love to war. Our average age is 25 years old, and looking to keep it around about there

    We follow our lead, GrannyFlaps, wherever she goes. We war 3 times a week. We are respectful to each other, we are friendly and we try not to take it too seriously.

    The only rule is use your war attack if you are opted in.

    Clan tag: #ULPPUOLY

    If interested then request to join the clan with 'I found your clan via the forum', then one of the leaders or elders will assess your profile and act on the request as soon as possible.

    "Life is one long series of people, time and cost management projects."
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