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    Wonderful news!

    I'm sure the Hay Day community will be delighted to see this announcement:

    Best wishes to both of my lovely friends.
    Come join the new unofficial Hay Day forum:

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    And it's tellin' me that things are not the same
    Thanks for sharing, Cowslips.

    At first I thought now Hay Day got a secret sub-forum that required logging in. Turned out just that old Clashh Off Topic sub.
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    Wonderful news indeed!😊😊😊

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    Thank you, Cowslips!
    I never venture over to that side of SS, so thank you for this happy announcement!
    I am crying on my iPad in joy for our beloved ILoveHayDay and Bakunin.

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    Thanks Cowslips and many congratulations to ILoveHayDayand Bakunin. Best wishes for a long and happy life together

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