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    Should I feel cheated that everyone got the 4x star bonus when I was going to upgrade to th14 (or any town hall) and finish the upgrade early anyway? Nah. I could have upgraded my town hall and waited, wasting mostly elixir and DE, using the event to at least refill my gold, or I could have done as I did: finish the upgrade early, use all three resources on new content, and still have the 4x star bonus. More loot would have been lost by waiting.

    I do think players should be encouraged to move up if they want that boost, or it shouldn’t coincide with an update that’s likely to cause an uptick in town hall upgrading, but I feel maxed th13s who booked/hammered their town hall are in the minority of players.

    This event, like hammer jam, benefits everyone who otherwise needs it, so getting angry or upset (not in this case but generally speaking) that someone got something you already have or did something not that extraordinary other than putting in play time and/or spending money to get should be put to rest.

    It should also be noted the TH 4x star bonus lasts a little longer than the event one.
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