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    Should an upgrading pet have access to Book of Everything? I am not able to use this book on these upgrades. I mean, it is called a Book of EVERYTHING after all...

    Just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NattensNinjaerJakob View Post
    Judo Sloth demonstrated that the unicorn could heal a healer in the dev build so I think it is working as intended.
    Ah, missed that. Thanks, ignore my post then :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrueArmyRanger View Post
    Where does it say that? After th8 all upgrades allowed. The problem is the clan upgrades are not working. Everything donated is staying at its level not going up 1 or 2 levels.

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    Boost timer not showing in upgrading builder hut

    Probably slightly unlikely scenario, but if you’re upgrading your builder huts and have a builder boost running, you can’t see the time remaining on the boost on that hut. So if you’re all your available huts are upgrading and don’t have OTTO, you can’t see time remaining on the boost
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    Quote Originally Posted by xcv330 View Post
    @JusMe thanks, I had not suspected the topic in the "bug discussion thread". A delay of perhaps half an hour is used to. But so far it has not taken so long. Then I just wait and see. The main thing is that I still manage my 8 attacks today!

    Quite a few seem to be in the same boat ... good luck to all of you, I can imagine it's frustrating...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreadPirateRoberts View Post
    I figured out how to do this. Click on 'Connected', then the gear for settings, then 'LOG OUT'. You can then play without Supercell ID.
    Edit: Okay, finally got to it. My goodness, that is absurdly complicated. Is that really the only way Supercell is giving us to use another account?
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    Nice pigs butt on the loading screen! LOL
    Supercell - add a button in Clash to stop the screen from shaking during attacks please!

    Edit: March 30, 2020 they did! Thank you Supercell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by toofinedog View Post
    I beg to differ. Here is another one I have going:
    Look at 1:35.
    It clearly depicts builder sleeping inside the hut even when the hut is upgrading. It might have changed when the update launched for normal accounts. Or it might be a bug.
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    I upgraded my healers to Lvl 7 but it is still showing me Lvl 6 healer visuals, maybe due to the Town Hall Upgrade Boost effect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Campion View Post
    Edit: Okay, finally got to it. My goodness, that is absurdly complicated. Is that really the only way Supercell is giving us to use another account?
    I agree it kinda sucks.

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