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    No health bar on miners
    Also the otto bug saw lotta people saying they were able to unlock master builder when their bm was lvl 26 or soo they were even asking will they be banned for it
    (may be due to +5 lvl boost) the mechanism considered it as maxed idk

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    There was already a maintenance after the update was released today.
    Also, there is mention ofd an optional update to come.

    Could someone (wink, wink, nudge, nudge ...) update OP to reflect new information from SC side too?
    (Like also acknowledge centrally what is communicated throughout this thread?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunnyCinema View Post
    One bug I found was that Miners do not have Health Bars anymore, so it's hard to know when their health is low.
    This happens to me too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petezki View Post
    the new th14 update made the miner health bars invisible
    Bump yes, it’s very difficult to guess which needs heals.
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    After further investigation, the pets do show the boost. It doesn’t show in the pet house. You can find them next to the heroes they’re assigned to. There you will see the boosted level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreadPirateRoberts View Post
    can you feel the nudge from SC to get SCID for all accounts? I was lazy with 6th account and never attached it to SCID. I just might now
    Exactly. I'd put it off because I didn't feel like getting another email address. Looks like I'll be changing that plan.

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    The game is going through a maintenance break. Hope they fix all the bugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cozier View Post
    Wall cost reduction

    • Level 12 Wall: 3M Gold/Elixir → 2M Gold/Elixir
    • Level 13 Wall: 5M Gold/Elixir → 4M Gold/Elixir

    this is what it says in the patch notes and I too havent seen the walls drop in price at my th13 their still 4m gold/elixir to up a wall 12 and 6 mill gold/elixir for a wall 13. they were 2.5 and 3 for the jammer though
    A level 13 wall costs 4M (in your words: 4M to up a wall 12 (to level 13)). So this is correct. (Was 5M before the update and 2,5M with the 50% Hammer jam reduction)
    There is no reduction in cost of a lvl14 wall, to upgrade a wall from lvl13 to lvl14 still costs 6M which was 3M with the 50% Hammer jam reduction.
    So all is fine and correct.

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    Been in maintenance more than playing lol, every time i log on in between work and stuff we are in maintenance, surely this can be tested prior to releasing new stuff, or is this update rushed? I wasn’t expecting a new th lvl till summer to be honest, im wondering if activity dropped and they rushed to get this update out?

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    Village Guard time was not paused during maintenance break.

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