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Thread: How much have you spent?

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    How much have you spent?

    I am a max TH13 and have been playing for a LONG time. I was trying to think of how much money I have spent on the game, and wanted to hear what some of you guys have spent. I think I am in the range of $200-$300 over all the years. What are you at?

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    Multiple accounts, guessing close to 4k the first four-five years, next to nothing last couple. With the abundance of magic items no need to spend a lot anymore.
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    Till April 2019, next to nothing. I mean I have never bought anything till then. I bought Gold pass for the first time on my main account in April 2019 for ₹400/ INR 400. I bought it for whole of the year 2019, and bought it 9 times in 2020. This year I bought it till March as I got maxed in March. I don't buy anything on my minies. So it was all I had spent. So I think I have bought sth near to 21◊400=8400 INR. Adding the GP price increase in November last year, it gets to sth INR 8650.
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    Only bought 4 gold pass and some offers , so around ₹2500

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    I think Supercell should give certificates of appreciation and other awards according to what people have spent on this game. Like for each threshold people get a different award, $5,000, $10,000, etc. That is some real customer appreciation and helps build brand loyalty. Sort of like Chewy and how good their customer service was when Ryan Cohen was in charge. Sort of like YouTube gives awards for subscribers, customers who have helped exceptionally over the years should be recognized with some type of appreciation from Supercell.

    Thinking about this actually makes me disappointed in how after all of these years of supporting supercell financially I havenít even received a simple thank you from them. They need to work on that. At the very least they could have sent a stuffed animal and a thank you card for people who have spent thousands on this game.
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    Playing 7 years. If I had to ball park a number (not including gift cards from family) I’m guessing $300.

    and the way I look at it...I’ve spent more money on dumber things. So $300 is a good price for the years of fun this game gave me

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    Thousands at a guess. Is there a way to check?

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    I'm just going with far less than I spent on a clone based in a galaxy far, far away. Spent very little prior to gold pass as I never felt it was a good value. Gold pass, even for 2 bases, over how long we've had the pass is a pretty minimal amount.
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    $800-1000 I guess. Could be wrong tho.
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