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Thread: Check♡Mate (looking for new derby players!)

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    Check♡Mate (looking for new derby players!)

    Hello Farmers,

    I'm new to the game myself and I've played before a few years back buy decided to start over fresh. Coming back I've realized alot of guilds are either dead and not active or active but requires a super high level to join so I've created my own guild that's active and Newby friendly however anyone is highly welcome to join! Must participate in our first upcoming derby and want us to get far so we have to work hard together. Be friendly, kind and no drama. Must help others I will not allow freeloaders in the guild. Join code is #QQJR8CCR I will update with more rules when needed but trying to keep it simple as possible. My username I Sunnyside up!

    Thanks ♡ look forward seeing you there

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    Special thanks to our new members for joining! First Derby is so far successful, we would like more awesome derby focused players to join us! 🐴 🤎 All players are welcome and highly encouraged to join even if you're new everyone deserves a great place to grow and thrive at. Must be able to score derby points to stay we don't allow freeloaders 👀 no points no rewards

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