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    Quote Originally Posted by Montapegenesis View Post
    It will launch on 30th of feb.
    That would be terrific.. On my birthday.

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    It'll be Monday morning unless they hit a snag. (No source, but they never release the patch notes and then -not- release the first available opportunity thereafter).

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    Yes ,
    I have left 1 star in star bonus today , will enjoy the 4x star bonus if update is tomorrow 😁

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    99% Monday Morning

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshsgrandad View Post
    That would be terrific.. On my birthday.
    been looking for a while for someone who shares my birthday 😁

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    Last couple updates have all been on second Monday of the Month. So right after Jam Hammer event ends is my guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pjask View Post
    I am excited about getting into TH14. Does anyone know when it will go into effect? I am hoping to get going this weekend and not have to do it during the week as I work during the week and will have less time to play.

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