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    Quote Originally Posted by helloworld2 View Post
    Since the latest update , unclaimed season rewards will be auto collected. Gems will be rewarded if there isnít enough space in storages.

    With the season bank dumping out too , does anyone know if the unclaimed season rewards will be claimed first (ie rewards hopefully) before the season bank is likely to overfill storages , or will they be claimed after (potentially gems)

    I hope that makes sense
    Unless something more changed than what was explained, the season rewards track will automatically happen at the end of the season, that would be first.

    You do not get the season bank until you log in after the season.

    Convert unclaimed and if can't fit, gems automatically at the end of the season (they did not say on your next logon)
    Then on next logon, claim season bank (they did not say anything was changing about this)

    Logically based on what they've said, it is like this. It only becomes a problem if the conversion doesn't happen until the first login rather than automatically at the time the season ends.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TheodoricOfYork View Post
    Ok, I'll bite ... Why would one prefer the season bank first ? ... To get more gems and less resources ?
    Since they started offering gems for resources that wouldn't fit, I have a couple of times deliberately waited until storages were full before claiming.

    Two of my accounts have been fully maxed for a month or two, the gems are better for them, even just 5 gems for 1.5 million gold. That'[s only 3 raids in LL

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    I dont know if it has been questions but what if:
    If have unclaimed gold/elixir/dark that would fit in my storage and didnt claimed it and season bank would overflow my storage?
    Will the ressources claimed automaticalls and the season bank on top?
    Will the season bank claimed first and the unclaimed ressources converted to gems bevause they didnt fit into storage?

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    any chances of the level 15 walls being changed in looks? i have 100 level 15 walls sitting around the level 14's and they look awful and unappealing, smaller, look like the lower level walls, and to make it worse the level 14's look way stronger and better... even the level 13's are better looking....i mean the maxed defenses are so pretty, and they make the new walls look hideous and irrelevant...

    i used to login often just to check out my pretty walls in my base while i collect loots, not anymore...
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    Was there any change with Queen AI?
    We did a good fix in Queen AI in the big update, since the patch update seem she is acting like her old self.

    Attacking a mateís base with same troops and funneling. Post patch update Queen walking around the base 😭

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