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    All my hype is over now!

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    In February 14,2021 ,I decided to leave coc on April 14,2021....Today is 12 April,2021....only 2 days remaining from my coc retirement...Finally I am able to see the 14 before my retirement...❤️❤️❤️

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    I rather see a time than a 'soon'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrGreenbearUK View Post
    Thinking they're going to drop in a free Training potion with the update so we can get our Legends attacks in today.
    Like you I’ve saved my LL attacks until after the update but I doubt we’ll get that

    I must admit I found a constant soon more frustrating than updating timers but we are done now. Yippe

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    It's over, bois!!

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    I was going to upgrade town hall but
    Really what's the sense of 4 star bonus
    Our town hall upgrade boost will be a waste if we upgrade it right now

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    The grind begins...

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    Woah, my queen now just needs 53000 dark for an upgrade? Nice!

    Made by, Be a Legend

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    Just saw the new tutorial for new players
    The changes were as follows
    (1) You get attacked by 6 goblins who are one shoted by cannon.
    (2)You get 3 wizards from ivory tower
    (3)There extra lines which shows builder guide.
    (4)There is explanation about starter challenges.
    (5)All the obstacles are at the edge of the map.
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    Sorry if it's been answered already, but does research potion speed up pet house research? If not is this intended? As can speed up troop research with potion, and heroes with builder boost... Feel like one or the other should apply?

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