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Thread: New One Army Challenge

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    New One Army Challenge

    The single player mode finishes pretty quick, but this idea could keep it active for longer. A player trains one full army, donated troops can be used. The player starts at the first stage (Payback). The player must complete that stage using the least amount of troops possible. Once that stage is complete, the next stage starts, but whatever troops were used, are now gone. Using the remaining troops the player must complete the next stage using the least amount of troops from the remaining army. This continues until the player loses the match or runs out of troops. Could call this challenge "Survival" or "The Gauntlet". Rewards would reflect how far a player can make it.

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    This sounds similar to an idea I posted a long time ago called “Singleplayer+” (

    If they ever added such a mode, now I’d like something like the Mega Crab in Boom Beach where you slowly chip away at a series of increasingly impossible stages and compare results with your clanmates on a leaderboard so it retains a multiplayer/social element.

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