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Thread: ⚡HEAD HUNTERZ⚡| ⚡Active Players⚡| ⚡Max CLAN GAMES Everytime⚡ | ⚡DISCORD COMPULSORY⚡

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    ⚡HEAD HUNTERZ⚡| ⚡Active Players⚡| ⚡Max CLAN GAMES Everytime⚡ | ⚡DISCORD COMPULSORY⚡

    Hello there!
    Head Hunterz is a level 14 Active War Clan that is recruiting th10s and above!
    We all speak English and respect everyone here! We are currently in Masters League in CWL. We war 24/7.

    Please take a look at the following points:
    War rules:

    1) Option in or option out of war. This is a war clan so you cannot be opted out forever.
    2) Do both attacks, as soon as possible. Attacking in last 2 hours is not tolerated.
    3) Attack as high as you can get safe 3 stars, sometimes it is your mirror sometimes it's ~ 10 bases lower than your mirror. If you're not sure what to hit ask co leaders for guidance.
    4) Th4 - Th9 can war without heroes. Everyone else need to opt out unless they have permission from co leaders.
    5) Hitting for loot is not allowed unless everything has already been 3 starred, or you got a permission from co leader.
    6) Always check for notes. Sometimes co leaders put notes on enemies bases with names of our members. That means people whose name is on a note has to hit that target.
    7) If you want to attack target someone else has claimed, talk to that person in chat/discord before you hit it. Don't claim targets if you're not 100% sure you can 3 star it. Those who fail to 3 star targets they claimed won't be allowed to claim targets in the future. (In CWL 2 stars on claimed targets is fine).
    You can claim only ONE base. Claim bases expire after first 12h of war!
    8.) Attacking without cc troops is not allowed.

    Base building rules:

    1) Don't rush your base, unless you have co leaders permission.
    2) When you reach you townhall do not build any new defences. You can build traps/storages and everything else except defences. You can upgrade your old defences from previous townhall. When you're ready to upgrade your townhall to new level, then you should build new defences.
    In more simple words:
    a) Don't build bomb tower when you reach th8 until you're ready to upgrade town hall to th9
    b) Don't build xbows when you reach th9 until you're ready to upgrade town hall to th10
    c) Don't build infernos when you reach th10 until you're ready to upgrade town hall to th11
    d) Don't build eagle artillery when you reach th11 until you're ready to upgrade town hall to th12
    e) Don't build 3rd infenro when you reach th12 until you're ready to upgrade town hall to th13
    f) Don't build scattershots until u max heroes
    g) Before you can join our clans you'll be asked for password so we're sure you have read the rules. Password is: Bananko
    3) The moment you build anything new update your active war base! War weight is calculated from main village, not war layout.
    4) Build builder base village any way you like.

    If you're interested to join us, please add me at Discord: BlackDaddy#4325


    Have a Nice Day!

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