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Thread: Looking for a Christian Team, that's active in derby

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    Looking for a Christian Team, that's active in derby

    Level 121, clean chat is required. Complete all tasks. Collect all bunnies. Simple, right? Any takers?


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    We would love to have you. We just did a “clean out” of neighbors who were not completing derby tasks. PJOCCCRC

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    Love to have you... we are 3 high level derby players looking for the same. Clean chat a must! We are “Derby the Love Bug”. See our ad in Neighborhood Recruitment for what we are all about. Please ask to join. Tag #PGVUVGGY Brown Horse, Pink Heart Background. We chat using Discord for derby stratagy. We are all about the gold. �� Hope you will join us.

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    Hi, Whilst we are not wholly a Christian team, we are a team of very respectful players of mixed faiths and beliefs that includes Christians. Our chat is clean and we just love fun. Our ethos is one of kindness and respect. Please take a look at our group rules on our post and if you think we appeal we would love to welcome you

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