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Thread: I think they forgot about the Builder base....

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    I think they forgot about the Builder base....

    Title says it all....there has been no updates for the builder base in a very long time. Darian will there be anything happening with the Builder base?

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    Lol builder base...

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    Shhhhh please dont remind them

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    Hope this helps. Its from the ama in jan
    Quote Originally Posted by PaluEF View Post

    Q: When are we getting BH10. Lot of people who are more competitive on B-base, but aren’t playing much because it’s the same old thing every season. We’re all feeling kinda forgotten about
    R: It's rather interesting that whenever we released new BH content, there was general disdain that we were allocating development resources to it. But now there is a lot of clamoring for when the next BH level will be. :-)
    We don't have any solid plans for BH10 yet, but we have discussed it on occasion. We're reluctant to simply just do a new level as we're still trying to decide where we want to take the Builder Base feature. We don't want to keep adding features that are already available to the Main Village; otherwise why not just keep developing the Main Village?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheConfuzed1 View Post
    Lol builder base...
    Quote Originally Posted by BillCat View Post
    Shhhhh please dont remind them
    Nearing max on my second bh. Just walls left. I would like a meaningful update. Wouldn't take much to be more interesting than the current th14 release. Maybe the *thing will be cool. Rest is just more levels. So maybe put some imagination towards bh.
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    I hope they fix it eventually. It just seems like a chore right now.

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    BH as-is ok. No mo. Oi. ty SC.

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    It is a chore, but when clan games come it is the fastest way to get to 4,000

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    It is pretty much dead.
    If builder base goes on with no update ,all the players who are pushing. They too will stop playing the builder base .

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    Builder base is absolutely nice, just the fact that it doesn't appeal to players a lot, it seems repetetive. The BB, personally, would need a update which would change the way it is played, not necessarily the core ideas of it
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