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Thread: th14 basic plan

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    th14 basic plan

    Question for maxed th13 players. Nearly everything about new troops and buildings levels has been announced... so how will u (or someone else should) spend your(his/her) medals if you have 2000 medals and one set of all books and potions without gold pass and spending money?

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    Neither medals or books and potions would help
    It's almost 20 days for almost any buildings and troops so ... it's helpful... just a little bit
    With or without GP .... it's a pain of grind

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    if you have 2000 medals, make sure you also have one of each hammer available to get stuff out of the way and be able to buy another set of hammers right away for TH14 stuffz

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    Got a lot of medals and a quite afew books. I have enough books for the th15 5 upgrades, cc and eagle. Hero’s I’m maxing the queen straight away to 80. Rest will be a grind after I used all books but I have 18 builder potions also so will wait until I have all 6 builders going and click all 18.

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    my plan. ill upgrade townhall and use a book to finish. ill used a hammer on the lab to i can instantly get the boost from the th upgrade. I will then use a hero hammer twice on the queen and deal with the 7 day cool down after that. from there i will probably use the 2nd hammer on one of my scatter shots or eagle. I will also use the hammer on the poison spell, and probably arch and barb so my queen/king ability is more effective.

    Right there thats 1 book of building, 2 hammer heros, 1 hammer of spells, 2 hammers of fighting, 2 hammers of building.

    I will figure out the rest after.

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    I've got 2000 League emblems, a hammer of each, at least a book of each including BoE, and at least a rune of each. I've got a Gold Pass this month but probably not next month.

    Offense is king, but we're missing several upgrades: camps, factories... so first, I'm keeping at least enough for 6 hammers for the next update.
    I need to up my storages quickly so I can store enough for upgrades.
    I think the Inferno is the most worthy defensive upgrade, though getting the Eagle out of the way and prettied up would be nice. So my plan is

    Stop doing walls and start saving over this week-end
    TH with BoB (assuming I can farm the gold by then)
    Lab: I've got a BoB coming up in the trader on April 13th, if the update drops on Monday 12 that lines up well enough. Then hammer and books for barb, arch, healer and a spell (spell is meh but it's use it or sell it)
    CC: hammer
    new building(s) probably slow build the first levels

    Edit: Heroes are conspicuously absent... Not sure if I'll focus on Queen or Champion. I usually Book them up; since my Clan is League-focused, I also slow-upgrade them inbetween Leagues.
    Another Hammer for... something, probably Inferno
    Then I'll probably do a mix of Storages and Defenses, I got caught out once with un-upgraded storages it sucks. Or I'll do it again, take advantage of the 20% discount while it lasts for the expensive+slow stuff, and do Storages when I no longer have the Gold Pass.
    Also TH weapon will be on slow upgrade early on, maybe hammer/book later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alishr99 View Post
    Neither medals or books and potions would help
    It's almost 20 days for almost any buildings and troops so ... it's helpful... just a little bit
    With or without GP .... it's a pain of grind
    Books and potions and medals will help. I'm happy to have stuff to upgrade, so no pain of a grind for me. I'm looking forward to it.

    OP, my plan is to book the hall after a war match then hammer the lab. I will have max troops and boosted heroes for my war, though the match considered me a th13 for weight. I will then likely use most of my medals (also 2000 or so) to keep buying the hero hammers. That is not the fastest way to full max, but I care more about my heroes being awake. I will probably reserve a few hero upgrades for hero books since I know those will be coming along to purchase from the trader (plus the one I already have). Then after that likely use medals for lab. I know some of the buildings seem long, but lab usually ends up being slowest.

    Contact SC here. Click here for how trophies are calculated. An idea to improve legends here. I wish max players had a separate loot bank as described here. Caution, I often discuss for the sake of discussion and enjoy having my opinion challenged (or approved of) even when I care little about the actual issue. My balance wish: get rid of tornado trap, make it a decoration.

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    Hall first, lab, then the new mighty *** ********, then the ***** *** upgrade, then spell factory, then Iíll upgrade the new ***** ********* then smash our heroís with hammers and books

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    The majority of those medals will be used on hammer of buildings and heroes.
    As you already have a hammer and book of spells and fighting you'll be able to max out both new spell levels, healers and either barb or arch immediately. The rest you can upgrade slowly as there is no rush to get any other troops maxed. Inferno dragons were heavily nerfed and valks were already bad and a level probably isn't going to help them much. Also, the old super wallbreaker will still be able to take down a lvl15 wall.
    Use the book and hammer of building to upgrade your town hall and lab immediately.
    With the second hammer of building you can do two things : upgrade your dark elixir storage or upgrade your cc. If you plan on upgrading your heroes immediately and not use them for war, hammer your de storage as you can not upgrade your king, queen and rc beyond level 26 without upgrading it. However if your don't plan on putting down your heroes and are warring with them hammer your cc instead and upgrade the de storage normally.
    After these I would say the best use of your medals is 1: Buying hammers for your queen and warden as queen charge will probably be meta.
    And 2: Buying hammers of buildings to upgrade the 20 and 19 day long defense like the eagle and inferno towers. Inferno tower upgrades in my opinion will take priority over scatter shot upgrades because of the 6th beam that has been added to the future max multi infernos.

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