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Thread: Suggestion: Cheese Shop

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    Suggestion: Cheese Shop

    It would be really cool to have a specialty cheese shop where you can take your goat or normal cheese and add fruits or nuts to it. Or you could take the milk or goats milk and add special ingredients to make some unique cheeses! You could have cranberry cheese or walnut cheese, the ideas are limitless!

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    No more berries

    Not bad idea at all but if you saw Camilla's video response to the Q/A about adding blueberries (which have been requested many times), she said adding another berry is too many berries. She even jokes about having another muffin is too much.

    (I just copied RescueSquad15's text from other reply because it has the same meaning here.)

    So cheese shop would be cool but I think cranberries are not going to be in the game. And more cheeses? Not going to happen if we have two muffins and they're not going to add more.

    Even if we got cranberries, what other products could we do with them. Of course I first think jam and juice. And we have 9 jams and 9 juices! So even more them too?

    And then I think muffins, pies, cakes etc. And we have alot of them too. (Not muffins but hey if we have alot of cakes and pies why don't we have more muffins?)

    So yeah I think this idea is not going to happen. But I still think its cool idea.

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    I was just giving ideas for the types of cheeses, Iím only level 52 so I have no idea what other stuff we have.

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