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    I think this topic is moving in a circle again and again. Now it's like beating a dead horse.
    This is similar to what happened on "sunsetting of global chat" thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jammer0816 View Post is what it is...but this is a bad change IMO. Lower levels need some kind of protection and the CC is all they have. If same level...what good is it?
    Well it isn't same level, it is still two levels higher.

    And why do they need higher level CC than they could provide anyhow?

    If it is to defend/attack against higher level Town Halls, well they really shouldn't be able to do that successfully on a regular basis.

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    Man I miss max lightning in cc as a th9... The damage was so finely tuned. I understand the cc nerf but why spells... Really makes the math anlot harder esp with zap
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