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    Are you ready for the spring update?

    I look forward to the updates as they roll out through the year. I like the sneak peeks when they offer them, mostly because it gives the community a chance to express their feelings (positive and negative) of the upcoming changes.

    With the spring update just a few weeks away, I thought it was the right time to ask the community how they feel about the updates as well. I think that this is a nice way to find out how we all have some similarities and yet different opinions. Together we will see if any of our ideas are implemented or having to wait a little longer.

    I only have one request, please only use one answer for each question. You may express why you chose that answer, but only chose one.

    I would like to pose the following questions.

    1. Are you excited about this update?
    2. What are you MOST looking forward to and LEAST looking forward to in the next update?

    I've expressed that I am looking forward to this update. I'm always optimistic when a new update launches. I enjoy new aspects of the game.

    I'm MOSTLY looking forward to Town update (anything except land or sanctuary). It has been overlooked far too long.

    I'm LEAST looking forward to Land Expansion on farm. The reason I don't want more land I can sum it up in one word...Scrolls.

    Of course there are a number of ideas that come to mind, but we must choose what is at the top or bottom of our list. . That's all there is. I'm eager to hear any and all responses. If you read this, please feel free to respond. There are many possibilities and I look forward to reading yours. Thanks for taking time to read and respond. Happy farming!

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    I also love new things on the farm. Honestly I’ve given up on land expansion because of scrolls and I also think the last grouping asked for way too many materials to expand. It’s not worth it to me.

    In addition, like I said I love new aspects of the game like farm pass but I would very much like broken parts to be fixed. I still lose town visitors regularly from my train. This past derby has been glitchy for my entire neighborhood. Small things, but some are annoying that they have gone on for so long. I wouldn’t complain if I got discounts for diamonds other than the 99 dollar package here and there.

    I’ve been here since the beginning and it’s one of the only games I play and I buy things wit real money regularly so I feel like I do have the right to complain here and there. For the most part I’m usually pretty happy
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    With all the new custom decorations needing so many green vouchers, it would be great to have the ability to change vouchers into other colours. I now find I have heaps of blue, purple & gold vouchers & no green.

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    For me it is definitely a town upgrade that is needed, the amoozing update off the beach which was promised years ago is long overdue. The sanctuary desperately needs expanding there is not enough room for the animals and to display even one each of the shrubs - especially with the imminent arrival of the baby gorillas. And of course the final long lost 2 horses for the one horse barn!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RescueSquad15 View Post

    I would like to pose the following questions.

    1. Are you excited about this update?
    2. What are you MOST looking forward to and LEAST looking forward to in the next update?
    1. Waiting for sneak peaks to determine level of excitement.
    2. All updates are welcome, though not necessarily applicable to my game style.

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    If it is new products and new machines, I am not exciting, instead I worry about my small barn how to manage these new products.

    However, town updating and adding two horses would be good.

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    1. Depends on the update
    2. I look forward to probably new characters like rose and greg that can help the farm in some other ways like for example a new character who can help make lots of bread, pasta, noodles and cornbread. I also look forward to the upcoming new decors. I have spent a lot of real money buying decors so everytime a new one is coming I get so excited.

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    The only thing they should is make permits purchasable even for 500k each.... itll encourage ppl to produce more, play more AND for more good to appear in paper for those who have different goals, like derby.

    In brawl stars for example you can buy a mega box full of gifts every Monday. Why not make permit purchasing a thing?

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    I’m not looking forward to having more land to clear. But maybe a new machine, new items would be nice. Also, some more cool decos that I don’t even have room!

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