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Thread: Thinking about a new neighborhood...

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    Thinking about a new neighborhood...

    While I like some of the people in my hood, there's just a little too much inactivity and it's killing the fun for me.
    I am lvl77 and very active. I always do all derby tasks -320- (not willing to use diamonds for extra task though).
    Always willing to donate and help.
    Tell me about your hood and why you think I might want to join. 😊
    Please no new hoods or hoods with players under lvl 60.
    Prefer Pacific/Mountain time zone since I'm on the west coast.
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    Hello! Hope you will consider our hood. We are always on the lookout for good players! Our hood is well established with 28 international members ranging from level 44 to level 200. Most are above level 70. Our expectations for our members are to obtain certain mínimums when participating in the derby, be helpful and polite, communicate during derbies, ask for help if needed with tasks, join our chat if you want to and most importantly, have fun! Most members complete all required tasks in the derby and we regularly win horseshoes. Thank you.

    Happy cats
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    Hi Timber,

    We have a lovely active hood that might suit you. We play 9 x 320 with no obligation to use the extra diamond task. We play for all horseshoes, 3 bunnies and 3 derby lines. Our levels range from 156-66 and we are an international hood. We have derby players, boat players and casual farmers but it is a thriving long established community. If this sounds interesting to you, send me a dm on Discord Twinksy#9818 and we can chat a bit more about our hood and what we can offer you.

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    Want to join a competitive championship league hood that doesn’t require the extra diamonds? We’ve got a hood for you! This hood is in the championship league. We require max 320/400 tasks and all 9 completed by the end of derby. We have one common discord server with our two other hoods, so if you need help with town or trucks or boats you can feel free to reach out there! If you find you want to be more competitive and spend the extra diamonds-we can move you up to the main hood!

    Level 30 and up!
    No outside trading- on Facebook or discord.
    Discord is mandatory
    Be active!
    Be helpful!

    We currently have levels 114-31 in this hood.
    If you are interested send me a DM. We ask no asking for expansion materials until you have played one derby with the team. 🙂

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