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    My clan is meh but I have friends there

    I am currently in a clan that is clearly not up to par with their skills, for example the leader, a th13, uses zap dragon and has not once gotten three stars against a th12 or 13 base, in fact most high level players in the clan use zap dragon. The reason why I haven't left yet is because I am friends with the leader and a few other members. Another thing is that I can't really teach armies to players in levels I have no experience in, I just know enough that not being able to three star a base three town hall levels below you with a subpar base layout is not a good thing. As for CWL, so far we aren't doing super hot, albiet we are lower leveled and only have a higher star count because everyone attacks, another reason why I haven't left. What should I do?

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    You can stay with your friends and probably get bored with the game if they have no interest in learning or you can find a new clan that can teach you things.

    There is a clan out there for everyone it's just finding it. Sometimes your friends can be your own downfall not wanting to leave them but yet wanting more from a game. Only you can decide what to do but the fact that you created this thread means you already know it you just need a nudge.

    Good Luck

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    Is frustrating mate..
    I was there a few years ago.. And am back funnily enough.

    I became close friends with the guy whom first accepted my TH4 main..
    But they were, and are, pretty rubbish at war.. With a few exceptions.

    What I did, was start cooking mini's..
    once I had enough, I made the jump and started my own clan.
    One of the guys that had an interest in wars came with me.

    We had, and still have a decent war log..
    Despite the defenseless facade.. The blips that come with venturing into a new hall.. And the days when sometimes we are just rubbish at playing the game.

    But eventually, the old clan caught up, and things dipped..
    Eventually I handed over and started fresh again.

    I am back at that clan I handed over atm..
    For how long, I dont know, but so far so okay..

    You have choices..
    Stay long term, and shrug at ineptitude, concentrating more on your own game..
    Stay short term, whilst you lay the foundations of what may be a 1 man venture..
    Or go seek something better.

    Fun is where you find it mate.. GL

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    Another option is to learn various strats yourself and start using them in wars.

    When you start consistently 3 starring bases in war, some of your clan mates might start asking questions about your strats. That's when you can direct them to various content creators to learn strats and fc their bases to show them too.

    Then, they might start to get better, though this way could take a long time before any fruit is born.

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    Playing with friends can be challenging. Just remember that you can remain friends even if you play on a different team that shares your your mindset. If things work out for you elsewhere and any of your friends turn out to be looking for something different, too, you can recommend them for your new team. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    Hmmm the deal with that is if that if they were random people then I feel that you would have left long ago. if it is as you say and they are your friends then it would be east to teach them strats. You could create a group chat like on discord or Instagram and you all could go on youtube and search up some attacks to learn from.

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    Decide what’s more important, your friends, or clash.

    If the answer is clash, get off this forum.

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    You could encourage them to watch some of the YouTube channels like JudoSloth or Clash with Eric and post links in the chat. If you have discord you can give them more tips and even drawings of how to take down the bases. Also encourage the clan to send friendly challenges and share replays of cool attacks you do. Also, you could give suggestions about how to approach other peoples attacks in war (ideally after you have got a six pack yourself&#128580 and ask for suggestions about your attacks, to get a bit of chat going.

    If nothing works then let me know

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    I ran into this same issue, and I feel like in order for me to grow and become a better player overall, I had to leave my old clan and move on to one where I could continue to learn. It was a sacrifice, but I was willing to make it.
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