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Thread: April Update info.

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    April Update info.

    Awesome news for all Hay Day players
    Players have complained about EMs limits and the team has listened.
    RSS totals will now change to 150 from today.
    Included in this change we can now get more permits.
    Larger barns and silos will also be possible.

    From todayís update they will be 50,000 max
    Only those from level 250 will get his option though
    Others under 250 will still have 80 EMs.
    Later this year the team will look again at this to see if itís working.
    Sadly none of this is true so read the first letter of each line.

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    LOL, thank you Ranger for sharing the aMOOzing news. I knew if we posted about the raising the lousy daily 80 limit often enough, Team Hay Day would acquiesce eventually. Thank you Team Hay Day for listening to your many players and raising the limit to 150. This change will motivate us to be active and reach level 250 to unlock the limit to 150. I'm glad to see Team Hay Day admitting their error in judgement and making the necessary corrections.

    BTW, are you still working on the chronic restart for Android devices? Good luck.

    And Happy April the First to everyone.

    Lynn, Casual Clasher, Casual Farmer, and Casual Boomer
    April 1, 2021

    P.S. Ranger, please share the good news too on the Hay Day subreddit. I'm assuming you don't care about the fake Internet points known as karma.
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    April Fools

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    So cute Ranger! Happy belated April Fools Day.

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    derisive snort SC has been playing an April's fool's joke on players for months with the restart bug...........

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