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    Hammer Jam is Here!

    Welcome to Hammer Jam 2021! Everyone's favorite event in Clash of Clans! It's time to celebrate everything Clashy with a super special time of year.

    So what's going on during this event?

    The following have had their Gold/Elixir costs have been reduced by 50%

    • All Home Village Buildings
    • All Home Village Walls
    • All Home Village Traps
    • All Home Village Gear Ups & Town Hall Weapons

    The following have had NO cost reductions:

    • Anything in Builder Base
    • Any Hero Altars or Levels
    • Any Troop / Lab Upgrades

    Finally, we've got an extra special challenge event live, The Last Town Hall 13 Challenge? Do you have what it takes to beat this extra special challenge level?

    And finally, what exactly is this all leading up to?
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    Early TH14 release

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    TH14 is coming!! Yay!

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    Closed my thread just because I beat you to the punch Darian!! Jk jk of course. While Hammer Jam won't help me I'm glad it's likely a sign of TH14 to come or at least some kind of update. Thanks.
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    If the timeline for the hammerjam is the same as the last time you ran it then you have done a pretty impressive job keeping TH14 a secret.

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    Let's goo❤️❤️
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    Easter eggs/hints in hammer jam video.
    (1)there is a green smoke coming from upgraded town hall 14
    (2)There is a owl with blue eyes(seeing this first time in clash universe)
    (3)There is a dark barrack with Tesla on top of it, a new troop or weaponized barrack.
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    TH14 : Green Theme?

    In "Hammer Jam" event video: While TH13 upgrade to TH14 in behind, we can see green light shadow. Is it a random thing or green TH14? What's your opinion?

    This video:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    And finally, what exactly is this all leading up to?
    buT wHat can 1t me4n?

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    Hammer Jam + Season Bank

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