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Thread: troops sometimes don't get moved to the active army even when there's room

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    troops sometimes don't get moved to the active army even when there's room

    My search skills may not be up to the task but I'm amazed there's no thread about this already that I can find.

    For the last few months the process of managing the training queue has been occasionally glitchy. I probably fuss with it more than most, but when I move things around troops are sometimes not moved into the active army even when they're trained and there's room for them. Generally if I go poke anything else in the training queue the game notices and fixes it.

    Are other people seeing this? Usually it's just a peculiarity, but I've gotten burnt attacking with incomplete armies that shouldn't have been once or twice as well.

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    I've seen this occur several times to me as well. And, yes, when you shift any troops in the queue the game "wakes up" and refreshes the army groups properly, moving newly trained to the active army. Because the remedy was so easy I never really saw it as a problem TBH. But, yeah, you have to double check our loadout before attacking.

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    This is the way the queue/2nd army has always worked. The front of the queue/reserve army is at the right hand side of your screen. If you have a high value troop such as a golem or electro drag there then your ‘active’ army doesn’t repopulate unless you have at least those many spaces free to accommodate the ‘blocking’ troop. So if you have 15 troop spaces in active army, then move the blocking’ golem/electro drag to rear of queue the 15 spaces become available to be filled by troops now at the front of the queue.

    The game doesn’t ‘wake up’ as you both mention, it’s simply that you are misunderstanding the queue.

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    Sorry, for the late response. I probably wasn't clear. Yes, I fully understand how the queue works (playing for 7-8 years now) and yes, it doesn't "wake up" sometimes when you have *trained* troops waiting in the non-active list even when there is plenty of room for them in the active list. It's happened to me more than a few times. I could have barbs waiting (rightmost) and 10 spaces empty in the active list and it won't move them over to the active list unless I touch the troops in some way. But like I said it doesn't happen often so I don't consider it irritating, just a minor annoyance.

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