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Thread: Supertroops have become mandatory, killing the game for non-supertroopers.

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    Supertroops have become mandatory, killing the game for non-supertroopers.

    Supertroops are fun, and maxxed TH13 need something to sink DE into since SC won't let us use walls as a DE sink. But they're wreaking game balance, for a very obvious reason:
    1- supertroops are better not just different (otherwise what would be the point of getting them)
    2- thus, SC had 2 choices:
    + balance the game for supertropps and make it too hard w/o them, pretty much forcing everyone to regularly (permanently ?) cough up for a single or double supertroop tax
    + balance the game for regular troops and let supertroops obliterate defenses.

    SC has gone with balancing the game with supertroops in mind, making them mandatory. What started out as a fun, nice extra has now become an unavoidable tax if you're into wars/CWL at all. Meh.

    Doubling down and making supertroops available permanently has worsened the issue, they're no longer a time-limited boost but a baseline.

    I'm not sure what's the way out of this mess, sure to get worse once we get sBalloons. Enable SuperDefenses and tax up yet more DE ?
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    Who told you so? I am moderate th12 and I smash many max th12 bases in clan war leagues that too at master league without supertroops... very rarely I boost any super troop, that too mostly super wall breaker... supertroops are not op in anyway

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    The supertroops being stronger is offset by the increased camp space. And some of them are so different that you can't really compare them to their regular version, as they serve completely different purposes.

    The only one that might be mandatory to have is the super wallbreaker. Everything else is just nice to have, but not necessary to be successful in game.

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    I have boosted sneaky goblin for farming , super minion for war cc.
    And i easily give tough competition in war w/o any supertroop army.

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    I don't agree with Super Troops being too OP and need to balance it (slight nerf). But I do agree that Super Troops should be strategic choice in which there should be a cooldown, so any choice of Super Troops will impact short term war result or even the CWL (like choosing Super Wallbreaker early in CWL for 3 days means that there will be cooldown that you will not be able to activate them for the second half of CWL). I hope players don't rely on the same Super Troops all the time, anyone who disagree is already relying too much on Super Troops.
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    I’m a TH13, pushed as high as 5594 this month, (my best so far), no Supertroops needed in my army or my attacking CC.
    My defence CC hold SM however.
    I disagree that the game is now Supertroop Mandatory... there are lots of combos that don’t use them, and just as good.

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    OP is exaggerating.
    Sup minions = best defence.
    Sup Gobs = best farming.
    Sup Wall breakers.. makes life easier.
    Nothing else matters or is required.

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    OP has a point. Super minion def clan castle is by far the best. You can not even get close with normal troops. If anything else comes out of the CC when I attack I am happy because I just saved a spell. On offense super WB is almost mandatory unless you go all air mode with sui heroes ( often sui heros benefit from super wb as well...). In farmning super troops are not needed but in normal wars and CWL they do help a lot.

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    The only super troop that needs a tweak in my opinion, are the defensive super minions. They simply are too strong compared to any other defending cc.

    For the rest, I really see nothing mandatory about them. There a plenty attacks that do not rely on super wbs, and all other super troops are just another troop. They are not OP, they are just different and can be great against the right base.

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    You are forgetting something very important, super troops take extra housing space than normal troops so any more nerfs will kill it

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