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    How do Siege Machine requests work?

    I've been playing CoC for several years now but have never quite figured out how Clan Castle troop requests for siege machines work. I was hoping someone can explain the rules and game logic. My issue is as follows.

    When I send out requests for CC troops and a siege machine I normally specify the troops and SM. In my case the SM is the Log Roller. I always pre-build and keep my all of my WorkShop slots full (3 immediate+3 backup slots) with SMs. If my request includes a SM that is found in one of my immediate slots the game takes the SM (e.g. LR) from there and my request will show just empty request slots for my specified troops and spell(s). The SM slot is filled with my own pre-builds. The next pre-built SM in the backup slot (rightmost) is moved into the empty slot -- albeit fleetingly -- in the immediate group. This is how I always function so I don't have to rely on my clan for the SM, most of whom don't even have a (max level) LR to donate, so it's great. But every once in a while, like currently hence my query here, despite my having the LR both in my immediate group and backup group, the game doesn't take my LR and fill my request. I can donate and delete them from either group just fine. Why is it doing this? Why has the behaviour suddenly changed and how can I get it back to working order? Is this a bug? Ideally, a dev can explain the logic to me but any help is appreciated.

    If anything needs clarifying please ask. Oh, I am using the latest Android build, but I don't think that matters.

    Thank you!

    P.S. This has happened to me at least twice before. It solved itself by resuming to fill my SM request on its own. I have no idea if I did anything different to fix it.

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    The game NEVER takes your LR to fill your request.

    Nobody can fill their own requests, even by choice, never mind the game doing it automatically.

    Siege machine requests work in exactly the same way as other CC requests. People will generally only see requests that tey can fill at least part of.

    When you then go into battle, by default it will show the last one you used, if you have that available again (If you used the CC one, that will show by default even if it is a different type in your CC this time).

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