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    Hayday competition - Spot the Differences

    1. nails on the minning wood, 2.ring on jewerly maker, 3. donkey's tail ,'s ear, 5.hay on donkey's house, 6.nail on top of donkey's house. 7.stripes on christmas pillar, 8.grass on the middle christmas pillar, 9.gray stones near jewerly maker, 10.branches on the bottom left tree (near christmas fence)

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    1. Jeweler less coin on table
    2. Beside Jeweler less one stone
    3. The wood at the hole less one nail
    4. Beside the hole there's a mini stone extra
    5. Donkey Stable's roof extra one nail
    6. The haystack in the donkey stable extra one straw out
    7. Donkey tail
    8. the tree at lower left corner extra leaf
    9. the middle candy pole's pattern
    10. The horse's ear

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    Spot difference

    Candy cane stripe going in different direction

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    Red face This is my answer =)

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    1) ring at juweler (3 vs 2),
    2) stone/metal stone in the mine entrance (on the left wooden entrance),
    3) stone right of the mine entrance (really tiny stone),
    4) rock nextto the juweler (3 vs 2),
    5) nail on the donkey's house roof,
    6) hay in the donkey's house,
    7) donkey's tail,
    8) the leaves of the tree that is bottom left,
    9) the second red and white pole (stripes the wrong way),
    10) horse ear

    This was fun and frustrating at the same time

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    I thought all


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    Answer 10 differences

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    Hey Y'all!

    It's time to kick a special edition of our - Spot the Differences competition! Try to find all the differences in the two images, and post them in this thread in one single post (do not post the answers separately) either as an image, or as text! As you may notice, you can't see any replies in this thread (not even your own) to keep it fair. All replies are visible to me, so please don't worry or re-post. Every reply with the correct answers posted in this thread within 24 hours has a chance to win 200 diamonds, a special signed official Hay Day poster and maybe some other goodies as well! There will be only one lucky winner, chosen randomly from those who answered correctly. The winner will be contacted via a Personal Message from me here on the forums.

    Important note: Please do no post your answers on Facebook, Twitter, as a personal message to me or here on the forums outside this thread to keep this competition fair & fun for all players!

    To enter the competition you need to either register to these forums, or login if you already have an account. You can register here: (there's also an option to sign up/in using Facebook which is super easy!)

    Good luck dear neighbours!!


    middle poal different stripes
    hay in the Stable donkey
    Little rock missing next jewelry
    missing coin jewelry
    nail in the mine
    tail donkey
    leaf missing of the tree left under
    ear horse
    nail roof donkey stable
    missing lead between the 2 stiped poals to the right

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