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    The 10 differences are:

    1. 3 rings vs 2 rings on Jeweler table
    2. Small rock missing in front of big rock behind Jeweler
    3. Extra small branch top right of bottom left tree
    4. Donkey's tail is missing on one
    5. Middle candy pole rotated
    6. Single straw missing from donkey's stable, the middle of the ones that extend on the ground
    7. Pinto horse's right ear missing
    8. Little grey stone missing in mine, top left corner of entrance
    9. Small pebble missing right side of mine entrance
    10. Dot (nail?) missing in the lower side middle of the roof of the donkey stable
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    Angry 1 The last point really hard //You make me sick but by the responsibility.

    Click on the
    to load up.

    (คิดว่าแกล้งกันซะแล้ว หายังไงก็ได้ไม่ครบ นึกว่าแกล้งหลอกกันบอกว่ามี 10 จุดที่แตกต่าง แต่จริงๆมีแค่ 9 hahahaha
    //หน้าตา ลา กับ ม้า น่าหมันไส้ชะมัด เยาะเย้ยกันจิง - -)

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    Thumbs Up 10 differences found :)

    Farm name: LOVE FARM


    Sorry for my bad English. i have found 10 differences. sir my english is not good. so i send you two images one with the arrow and another with the numbers.


    Thank you very much


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    found 10!

    In the middle candy pole there are 2 differences! it is turned and there's a small leaf on it! i've posted 2 links to the picture,so there wont be any problem!

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    <a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="" /></a>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="" /></a>

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    this is too hard. i found all the answers and i dont know how to send it threw my ipad.

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    10 differences spot !!!

    1. little white dot at upper left mine
    2. 3 yellow dots at jewelery
    3. lost 1 rock behind pine tree
    4. 3 yellow hay tails (looks like tails) at hay donkey farm
    5. black dot at roof donkey farm (lower side)
    6. lost leaf at the down left tree, near hay cart and pumpkin plant
    7. backward pole, at the center pole have a flip design
    8. lost ear, horse in the right
    9. lost 1 little dot (it might have 3 little dots, but it only have 2) at right of cave, hard to explain, it is a ruin of little rock
    10. lost tail of donkey

    my english is not good enough, i hope you know about my explanation the 10 of spot that i found, thankyou sir

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    I found only 9 differences :-(

    I found only 9 differences :-( - the "stone" missing inside the mine, on the top left corner - the ring at the jewlery workshop - the stone missing on the right side of the mine - the leaf of the tree on the bottom left corner of the picture - the pillar in the middle on the bottom of the picture - the donkey's tail - the straw missing in the donkey's shelter - the horse's ear missing - the stone missing behind the jewlery workshop

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    Finally did them, take a look!

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