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    answers to differences

    Ok. I figured it out.i cant rlly see because of my phone but there is something black on the frame of the mine place. And also the building on the top left there is an extra yellow ring on the table. The hay in the middle of the page has an extra one. And also the middle barbershop pole. Thats all i can find i hope i win. I love this game, so addicting.

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    Hay Day Competition - Spot The Differences


    i saw only 2 differences..

    1) the coins on the table
    2) the pole in the middle

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    Hay day contest

    The candy pole. The middle one

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    4 differences

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    Spot the differences

    1. Middle pole strip
    2. Missing rock
    3. 1 gold missing
    4. Donkey tail
    5. Wooden hole entrance for metal digger
    6. Missing nail on blue roof
    7. Right horse ear
    8. Yellow leaf at donkey house
    9. Missing leaf on left bottom tree
    10. Carrot leaf

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    Is there only 9?

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    There are three coins on the table in top picture and only two in bottom.

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    I found it! :D

    10 diferences here

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    coins on table
    mine door
    direction of white lines on middle column
    rock missing in rocks behing smith
    hay missing in stable next to donkey
    nail on roof on stable next to donkey
    horse ear
    little rock on right side of mine door
    donkey tail
    leaf in tree

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