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    Wink All 10 Differences...

    Here is my Solution:

    second source:

    if it doesn't directly, work here the DropboxLink:


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    hay day spot the differences answers


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    Hay Day Competition: Spot the Differences Answers


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    Red face Hay Day Competition - Spot the Differences!

    1.3 gold rings on jeweler's table instead of 2. candy pole's red stripes in opposite direction.
    3.missing metal nail/thing at the top of entrance of mine.
    4.missing donkey tail.
    5.missing small rock between the jeweler and the tree.
    6.missing nail on blue roof of donkey stable. hay strand missing out of 5 strands in the hay pile in donkey stable.
    8.missing right ear of horse.
    9.1 small pebble missing on the right-bottom edge of mine.
    10.leaves missing on top right branch of tree at bottom-left of screen.

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    Spot the differences

    1.Ring 2.cave 3.stone 4.donkey tail ear 6.striped post 7.leaves of the tree 8.clove of haystack 9.twig of wheat 10.Tree leaf that cover the post with stripes

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    Spot the differences

    -leaves of the tree
    -clove of haystack
    -twig of wheat
    -tree leaf that cover the post with stripes
    -donkey tail
    -horse ear

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    1) middle candy cane pole stripe direction is changed
    2) missing ore on jeweler table
    3) missing hay piece in donkey pen
    4) nail missing from the roof of donkey pen on the right side
    5) grey stone missing from the rock pile by jeweler
    6) horse missing ear
    7) donkey missing tail - not the tuft part
    8) nail missing in the mine post entrance
    9) teeny tiny rock/pebble missing by the mine entrance (on the right side of mine) against the cliffside
    10) tiny piece of tree branch (little clump of leaves) missing, by the hay cart under the pumpkins

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    1. Stripes on middle pole are going opposite direction
    2. Rocks to left of tree (near jewelry stand) small rock is missing
    3. Nail (or bolt) missing from mine wood
    4. One pic has 2 rings on jewelry table, other has 3
    5. In donkey house - a piece of wheat is missing
    6. One of the horses ears is missing
    7. The donkey tail is missing...the tuft is in both but not the tail.
    8. On donkey house roof... A screwhole is missing ( on bottom right)
    9. Missing leaf between 2nd and 3rd candy cane poles.

    and last but not least (but hardest for me to find)

    10. To right of mine...pile of rocks directly on ground to right of mine, one of the teensiest pebbles is missing.

    that was tricky....but fun!
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    Cool Hay day co,petition

    1) there is two ring in the shop
    2) the tail of the donkey is missing in the first one but not the second
    3) the holes on the donkey house
    4) the rock is missing next to the shop
    5) the dark spot on the mine wood
    6) a starin of hay
    7) the horse ear
    8) the color of the donkey house at the side
    9) the stone path next to the hay
    10) the nob ontop the horse house

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