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Thread: Funneling Queen

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    Funneling Queen

    I am Max TH13. I mostly get funneling in concept, but I find esp with things like Queen Charge (Hybrid for me) despite feeling like I have made a funnel, my queen will sometimes (more than that) walk outside the walls and not go inside. It's a bit of a vague one, I don't have a recent video to post to show it. I usually funnel my queen into a corner and I use a loon and Baby dragon on both sides to force her in. it's an expensive funnel, and then even then, it can go wrong. It seems to happen more often where there is an open corner wall so I can't wall break in for some reason.

    When I watch the pros, they usually let the queen funnel herself and that mostly works, but I don't seem to be able to pinpoint the ones that go right vs the ones that go wrong.

    I want to get better, I am not sure how or where to find good quality specifically targeted content to help me understand that better. Most of the funnel videos I have found, don't seem to cover some of the more advanced stuff like this..

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    Not a very experienced queen charger, but here's what I know. The queen, and every other troop in the game, follows the rule of three. Are you familiar with this?

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    Funneling concept - by judo sloth

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    The video I'll recommend may be old, but it actually works till this day. I feel he is also a very underrated clash youtuber.
    Dude's name is Bisectatron. Check out his channel and search for queen walk funnel. He goes way more in depth about how to funnel the queen and what makes her walk back out when she's already in the base. Even tells you how to stop that from happening. Much more informative than other clash youtubers.

    P.S. If you're doing Queen Charge Hybrid and you want the queen to go in, use a yeti funnel. With 300 troop space, that's more than enough for you to have 5 healers, yeti n baby d n wiz for funnel, coco loons, and the main hybrid comp.
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    Honestly with the new meta the open corners with the walls are designed to not allow the queen in bc she " doesnt like them " The way around this is to bring super wall breakers. Deploy the wallbreaker so that defenses hit it so when it dies it breaks the wall.

    Funneling: One of the easiest way ot get you queen inside the base is to use sneaky gobs. They take little housing space, and are very relialble. One on pumps and mines and 2 on storages. If the base demands, then using a yeti will help. Carbonfin recently made a vid on queen charge hybrid and if you have 20 mins then make sure to check it out bc he makes everything crystal clear.


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    I used to have this problem, but I fixed it. One HUGE tip. Let the queen go up to the wall and then use your wall breaker. It's okay to wait with the wall breaker for a little (Hope your using super wall breakers). Having her against the wall and breaking her in doesn't require much additional troops, you just wait until she goes against the wall herself. Then break in. But of course, this is base dependant.

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