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Thread: Level 159 looking for a temporary NH

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    Level 159 looking for a temporary NH

    Hi, I've been playing Hay Day for years.

    Been in previous hoods before but have been on my own for about 2 years.

    I'm looking for a hood where I can just chill and play the derby, and of course help hoodies&boats.

    My main request is that I don't have to pay for an extra task EVERY DERBY.

    I don't want the pressure of losing 1st, 2nd or 3rd place on my shoulders.
    Sometimes I will/can do the extra task, sometimes I can't.

    Please let me know if this sounds like a hood you're in.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hi there!

    We are The Ginger Gang, hood tag 2UL9JQRR. We are a long established, Champions League chill hood who are friendly and helpful. Feel free to message me on Discord, Twinksy9818 or pop in the hood for a chat. We would love to see you.

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    Hello, Happy Friday first of all 🍷
    It sounds like we could be perfect for you.
    We are New Pastures Inc. #YCLGY2VP and don't force members to take the 10th task. Check out our description when you search for us.
    You can also check my farm out 👀#8YC2LU289. Farm name is Moorside Moos 😀

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    Underland (9U8CGVLV) we are only 6 at the moment and so far its just me in derbies. But I have made it to professional on my own, join me maybe reach the gold in championship?

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    Hi sj,

    We might be what you're looking for? More info below.

    🐚🌲Shells Farms #YYPYG89Y is a neighbourhood made up of experienced players and we are looking for new derby players members at levels 100+ to support and be helped by our higher level players!

    🌿At the moment we have 27 players up to level 167. We have 3 gold, 1 silver trophies and are in Champions league.

    🙏It really is a friendly and helpful group. All members are made elders on joining.

    Group rules:
    🐝 Be kind
    🐝 Help out other members
    🐝 Opt out of derby if you can't achieve the task requirement that week
    🐝 Use chat and requests to help others and ask for help yourself
    🐝 You can trade with members in-game, no trading with members on other platforms

    Derby rules:
    🐎Play 7 / 320 point tasks (or equiv according to derby type - details are posted on the group messages)
    🐎 Opt out of derby if you can't play that week
    🐎 Ask for help if you need it
    🐎 Communicate if there's a reason you can't complete your derby tasks
    🐎 Trash tasks that are less than 320 points
    🐎 No time minimum to complete your tasks other than the end of the derby
    🐎 Bonus task is optional
    🐎 Members will be removed before end of Derby for not following rules (after discussion with the member where possible)

    🌍 Members are English speaking and from all over the world, so people are active at all times of day and night which helps gameplay and requests.

    🤸 Looking for daily active, friendly and helpful people to join and make the game even more fun playing together.

    😇 Be friendly 🤗 and active and you will fit in well! We'd love to have you! #YYPYG89Y

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    Want to join a competitive championship league hood that doesn’t require the extra diamonds? We’ve got a hood for you! This hood is in the championship league. We require max 320/400 tasks and all 9 completed by the end of derby. We have one common discord server with our two other hoods, so if you need help with town or trucks or boats you can feel free to reach out there! If you find you want to be more competitive and spend the extra diamonds-we can move you up to the main hood!

    Level 30 and up!
    No outside trading- on Facebook or discord.
    Discord is mandatory
    Be active!
    Be helpful!

    We currently have levels 114-31 in this hood.
    If you are interested send me a DM. We ask no asking for expansion materials until you have played one derby with the team. 🙂

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    Want to join a competitive championship league hood that doesn’t require the extra diamonds? We’ve got a hood for you! This hood is in the championship league. We require max 320/400 tasks and all 9 completed by the end of derby. Heck us out.

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    Amarillo by mornin come join us #990jqv9p
    We are a balanced , friendly neighborhood. We play derby a little diffrent. Every other week we play just for horseshoes which is a little laid back. Other derby we play regular derbies which is for the prizes of top 3. We understand the need to opt-out when you need to.New member need to be level 25 to join. We also work and make changes as a group. We ask two things from you..

    1. Be courteous and say “ thank you” when you buy from others shop or when someone helps with boats, waters ect...
    say “your welcome” we understand that is not always conductive when doing truck tasks ect but once your done we appreciate it.
    2. We also use Kik it’s a free app and it does not send you unsolicited messages. We use this to communicate with one another and bettter help each other.

    Come by and meet us and say “Hello” see if our group is what your looking for

    Thank you!! Hope to see y’all there

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    We are a long established stable hood with world wide player so someone always on.

    We have several rare openings. We are drama free, fun, chatty, adult members. Our levels range from 86-255 so a large variety. We have been in championship league forever about with 172 gold cups. We are not interested in the leader board. We always get all 9 horseshoes and all of the bunnies and bingos. We play in hood games weekly. Last week we went for gold and won by over 4,000 points. We try to make derby fun but it is very acceptable to opt out if busy. 10 th task optional

    Most hoods have a bunch of silly rules such as which boats you can tag and what items can be requested in birdhouse, we do not. Our members are adults and behave accordingly and we never intend to tell you how to run your farm. Our only rule is have fun and find safety in a hood to relax in your spare time and have a few laughs. We really enjoy our joke night so please save some up

    Please come and visit if you are chatty, active and friendly.

    Several rare openings,Hurry!

    Check out Corn Farmers Corp (purple square with yellow paddles). Tag#J9RLP08
    We look forward to meeting you. You must speak upon acceptance.

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