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Thread: Max Th12 looking for active clan

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    Max Th12 looking for active clan

    I am a max Th12 with a little over 2400 war stars.
    I am looking for an active clan
    Profile tag is #LYV0JLCY

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    Any plans for TH13? You have a solid account, although we're mostly all TH13s.

    Adult war clan based in the US. Constant war, good activity/donations, competitive while still being laid back. Two CWL lineups so everyone can participate.

    Veni Vidi Vici
    DaHolla - #2QC2CL8U0
    Veni Vidi Vici - #P98L89UV

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    Mutant Tribe is a competitive war clan- two war clans (one serious, one relaxed), both Masters CWL. 50v50 wars in which we allow heroes down. Both active- fast donations, maxed CGs on first day, and FCs for practice. We discord as means of communication & organization.

    If you’re interested, please join our discord here
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    Hey Adam!

    I am the leader of a clan called Man-O-War. We are an active adult war clan always looking for more dedicated members. Everyone there is active, uses their attacks, and are willing to help. We need better players to join us for CWL and war and you seem like a perfect fit! Yes we are only level 6, but we are rising up the levels quickly now that we have a solid clan running. Come join us! When you apply ( if you do wish to come ) simply just type in " Demon sent me! "

    Join discord for clan rules and war requirements.

    Additional bonuses

    -Max Donation
    -B2B wars
    -100% guaranteed spot in CWL
    -Friendly community willing to give experience


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    In game Link:
    Discord invite link:

    Check us out Adam
    Wolf Killers Level 18 war clan Ch2 CWL, tag #2CUU2Y8Y. Recruiting:

    1. Non rushed Th12, Th13s and Th14s for normal wars, farming and more
    2. For CWL and League wars, we need players who are willing to learn and be aware of the new metas. Discord is highly recommended for these two!

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    Hello! We would love to have you in our clan! We are currently looking for higher level players to help round out the top of our clan and we would really appreciate a player with your experience and your level to help us out!

    We’re super friendly, active, and respectful and use clan chat whenever we can! We war daily back to back and participate in both clan games and CWL. However, we’re chill but competitive (semi-competitive) and basically, we see regular wars as a practice for CWL. In other words, we’re more of a CWL focused clan and we’re always looking to improve our rank every season, and we see regular wars as a time to practice new decks, strategies, etc., so a lot less pressure and a lot more casual and fun! We also run on an opt in/opt out system for regular wars because we understand that life does get busy sometimes, or you just want to upgrade your heroes, so all you have to do is simply opt out when you can’t/don’t want to war!

    We’re US based and English speaking and we also aren’t strictly an adult clan. However, all of our members are very mature and all that means is that we just prefer not to curse in clan chat! (I hope that won’t be a dealbreaker for you!) We just hit clan level 10 and we've also just hit Crystal 3 a season ago for CWL, and we would love for you to join and help us grow our clan into something bigger! If you’re interested or have any questions at all, definitely shoot me a message in Discord or we can talk it out in clan chat! I hope you give us a look! Thanks!

    Discord me if you have any questions/concerns:

    Clan Link:

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    Hey Adam,

    [Recruiting] Quiddity League | Required TH/Level 9| Clan Level 9| War/CWL/Clan Games/Active donators | Clan System Affiliation


    We have a solid clan, nearly to level 10, came first place in the last 4 CWL tournaments and do back to back wars. We are very much a war clan but also always max out in clan games. Everyone is friendly, mostly adults but have 2 under-18’s. Clan is international with players from US, UK, Italy, Ireland, India, and Germany but are an English-speaking clan. So long as players are happy to follow clan rules, it’s really a lovely playing environment.

    Clan rules: 1. If war pref is set to on do both attacks in war; follow war notes + attack mirror in CWL 2. If in Clan Games max out 3. Donate 350+ to stay, 500+ for elder 4. Request is unlimited.

    Check us out and if we seem like your type of vibe, you are very welcome to join! We value active players!

    Quote Originally Posted by Adamv122 View Post
    I am a max Th12 with a little over 2400 war stars.
    I am looking for an active clan
    Profile tag is #LYV0JLCY

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    I just replied to our clan, best bettel, level 11. We have multiple dono accounts for max troops and are looking th10-13 for Aprils CWL.

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    War Clan Seeking Members, Apply Within!

    Hi! I'm the leader of Bregan D'aerth (Clan Tag #YC2CUPUV), Sword of Fate (Tag #8C9Y89VO), and Oozing Myconid (Tag #LQ888RG)

    About Bregan D'aerth:

    22nd level war clan
    CWL League: Masters I
    470 war wins

    About Sword of Fate (our AAA affiliate):
    20th level war clan
    CWL League: Masters II
    705 war wins

    About Oozing Myconid (our AA affiliate):
    18th level war clan
    CWL League: Masters II
    348 war wins

    Which clan should you join?
    Bregan's Requirements:
    TH13 with 170 combined hero levels
    TH12 with 120 combined hero levels

    Sword of Fate's Requirements:
    TH13 with 150 combined hero levels
    TH12 with 100 combined hero levels
    TH11 with 80 combined hero levels

    Oozing Myconid's Requirements:
    TH13 with 130 combined hero levels
    TH12 with 80 combined hero levels
    TH11 with 60 combined hero levels
    TH10 with 50 combined hero levels

    We are a group of international clashers hailing from the US, UK, India, Australia, Slovakia, Finland, Canada, Indonesia, France, China, Germany, Switzerland & Italy i.e. all over the world. Because our clans are so diverse you can expect donations 24/7 with people being up at different times of the day. We always complete the highest tier in clan games, often doubling the required score for the top tier in both clans.

    Everyone in the clan is very respectful. No one will berate you for a war attack not turning out the way you planned. This has happened to everybody. The important thing is that you try to learn from your mistakes and improve as a player.


    1) We war non-stop. You can opt out anytime, but if you're in you must participate.
    2) Be respectful towards your fellow clan members.
    3) Opt out of war when your heroes are down or your spell factory is upgrading.
    4) Never attack in war without a full clan castle and spells.
    5) Always read clan mail
    6) You must participate in wars at least some of the time! We are war clans.
    7) This rule is a fun one. Anytime you request troops you MUST post a friendly challenge. This provides everyone with more opportunities for practice.
    8) You cannot participate in clan wars until you lose the "new" tag by your name.

    Your first CWL with us you will be in one of the feeders. I track everyone's stats 13vs13, attacks and defenses. The CWL lineup in Bregan will always be the top 15 TH13s in the clan, based on what you've done in CWL. CWL in Sword of fate and Oozing Myconid is comprised of all of the accounts who did not make the cut in Bregan.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I'm an open book! Message me here or on kik @ DixieNormas8

    When you request to join please say, "Ultrin sent me" in your reply so we know you aren't a war spy.

    Feel free to join our Facebook Group, Bregan D'aerth of CoC!!

    Join our Discord Channel Fear Bregan
    NOTE: Discord is NOT a requirement. I do not force members to use it, if you do not want to download any other apps to supplement standard game play, that's perfectly fine by me.

    Join our Clash Royale clan, Bleak Soliloquy! #PC929YUL

    Hope to see you soon!!

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    SpiralStaircase recruiting now

    SpiralStaircase #JUG8ULVR (friendly war clan) Level 18 clan Recruiting th10 and up, currently in crystal league 1

    What you can expect in our clan:

    • Active, friendly clans covering most time zones (international clans)
    • A strong sense of teamwork
    • A solid leadership team
    • A respectable war log (needs a boost post covid as this had an impact on clan, now on the up again)
    • The final tier reached each time in clan games
    • Frequent friendly challenges, tips and advice as you would like, to improve your strategy
    • War 3 times a week
    • Organised war, with plans sent in clan mail
    • Interclan events
    • Optional communication app 'band' to support communication across the clans, improve strategy and general chat, news and update sharing.

    What the clans expects:

    • All members to use both attacks if opted into war and to follow war plans
    • Members to donate where able and to respect the request
    • Friendly advice, chat in the clan, no use of bad language
    • Non rushed bases
    • No drama
    • Give each war attack your best shot, taking cc troops and war troops to attack, heroes ready to go (opt out of war when heroes upgrading)
    • Contribute to clan games to help us reach the final tier each event
    • Promotions are earned.

    If you would like to be a part of our clan request to join stating you are from the forum in your request. We look forward to welcoming you to our clan family!

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