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    I read with tears many of these posts. Had no idea who Raindragon was/is so please forgive me for lurking. What I did come away with is deep sympathy for her family and friends and a keen desire to be a more kind, gentle, loving, unselfish person and have more fun while I'm alive. (I play Hay Day, but now I'm curious about CoC.)

    So sorry for your loss. Blessings and strength to all who loved her.

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    Hi ladyboss, just wanted to let you know that I and many others miss you terribly much. I wanted to let you know that they are closing the forums soon and I can't thank you enough for allowing me to join the herd and interact with so many other forumers here in clash. Many a eve we would talk about your commitment to the forums and to encouraging all to have fun, be kind and never say sorry after an attack. Rest well my friend, know that even when they turn the lights off here in the forums your impact here and in the real world to me will never ever be forgotten......

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    Quote Originally Posted by r91180 View Post
    All right we get it , let rest in peace. Time to move on , no more sticky this.
    rain dragon was a well respected member of the community- why should we take down her monument?

    I think its perfectly fine and if its physically hurting you you should seek some professional help :/

    Goodbye forums, I know you tried your best, darian.
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    bye everyone <3
    just saw this now.

    rest in peace. <3


    ​rip forums, ty guys for everything

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    A lot of sad news today; don't know how much more I can bear. Rest in peace, Raindragon, you'll be remembered by all.
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    Recognized the old name. Crazy to hear about it. Never talked to her, but I'd always see her respond in places back when I was active a few years ago. A lot of forumers from that time have left, and that is inevitable. But it's crazy how within just 8 years they can die as well, not from old age. I didn't have a personal connection with her, but I read some of the anecdotes in this thread and it sucks to see this happen.
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    Raindragon was one of the cool people ive met on forums. I'm extremely saddened to hear this. My thoughts and condolences to raindragon's family. I truly hope you're at a better place now. My her soul rest in peace. ��
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    Oh goodness I’ve only discovered this Pet was the most gentle, sweet souls, she was the embodiment of a Mum so loving and giving. I only knew her from in game over years in several various forum events, but she really was a character, I wasn’t aware of her medical problems it shows how brave and determined she was, I always admired her. Sleep well lovely xxx
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