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    It is with great sadness that I bring the news of the passing of our much-loved forum moderator, Raindragon. Earlier today we learned that she passed away in early March. Raindragon was a dear friend to me. We texted daily and I'm very sad to learn of her death.

    Raindragon started on the forum in January 2013 and became a forum moderator in August 2013. She played Clash of Clans and Hay Day. She loved doing forum contests and cared deeply for the forum community. She loved dragons and the color purple.

    RIP Raindragon. I love you and miss you so much.
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    A true great of clash

    She was not only a forum favourite she was the leader of golden sky one of the great alliances back in the early days, she was always a leader in the forum events push teams where I had the first pleasure of meeting her and we stayed firm friends ever since. She will be sorely missed and a true clash legend. Petunia touched so many in the game and I will miss her wonderful and witty remarks, rest in peace

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    Apologies to the moderators but iluvhaydays post wasnt up when I started my thread. Just going to state I knew her here and in hayday and in the réal world. As her long distance télé nurse and knowing what she dealt with day in and day out I believe she is at peace finally and that we will clash again in the great big sky her dragons loved to roam....RIP Petunia😎

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rambletamble View Post
    Apologies to the moderators but iluvhaydays post wasnt up when I started my thread. Just going to state I knew her here and in hayday and in the réal world. As her long distance télé nurse and knowing what she dealt with day in and day out I believe she is at peace finally and that we will clash again in the great big sky her dragons loved to roam....RIP Petunia��
    No need to apologise. We just felt it better now to keep further comments in one place for each game.

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    Petunia(Pet), or as I liked to call her....... Pretty Flower.......

    I started playing this game over 7 years ago with little expectations other than something I could waste some time on.

    During the course of that time I have met a tremendous amount of absolutely fantastic people from all over the world, a lot of whom I’ve shared a lot of laughs, frustrations and personal stories with. People I can truly call friends. I would have never guessed in a million years that I would have gotten so personally involved in a community of “gamers” in a virtual world and become so attached to people...... it still bewilders me if I am to be complete honest, as really I am a very private guarded person.......

    I met Pet and a lot (and I mean a real lot) of other wonderful people in a Forum Event about 6 years ago, I can’t recall which Event exactly it was, but I knew right then and there that this was where I wanted to be, surrounded by these people who were having so much fun while trying to be not so embarrassing at a game, yet not entirely caring about it either.... makes me smiling just writing about it now......

    Pet never played the game to win, hell it took a lot of convincing just to get her to upgrade a defence or a troop, other than her dragons, she definitely loved her dragons, she would only rush her TH to the top tier so that she could donate max troops to her clanmates, that was the giving type of person she was..... always giving, never taking......
    She would spend hours upon hours chatting to everyone, ensuring everyone felt that they belonged, that they felt as special as she knew they were..... it was infectious......
    She was one of those people that just lit up the room...... her kindness and empathetic nature was contagious.... she was the type of person you wanted to be with, the type of person you felt drawn to........ she never complained about herself, always more concerned about how you are doing..... so strong a person she was...... admirable......

    The most important thing about the game for her was the social dynamics of it, whenever someone would leave the clan she would fret over it, like having one her children leave the nest...... she would hold spots for those that were dearest to her in hopes they would return one day......

    I know there is more than the words I have put here, but I hope that I have at least done her somewhat justice as I’m really not very good with words....... I can honestly say that I loved her and will miss her dearly and that we can all learn something from her...... have fun with the game, enjoy yourself and others, be kind

    I hope that one day I shall meet her again....

    RIP Pretty Flower, the Clash world has lost one of it’s truest angels........

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    ... this is very, very sad news ... lighting a candle in her name

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    RIP clasher, condolences to her family.

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    I...don't quite know what to say.

    I’m so sorry to hear the news.

    I always referred to her as my first “mod-hero”. Before coming here, I had never been part of a forum community and was really unsure about the whole experience for a while. At one point I had some trouble with someone posting what I found to be really offensive comments, and she spoke to the person and they stopped doing it. I had another forum member really hassle me both publicly and then privately, for reasons I won’t get into. (First of only maybe two people I’ve ever had to block on the forums.) She looked into it and dealt with it for me. She was so welcoming, reassuring, and caring.

    I met her in Clash in a couple of forum events as well, and she was so much fun. Nightcrawler already mentioned some of what she was like in-game, and was spot-on. I couldn’t say it better.

    Then there were the forum contests she put so much love and care into.... It seems like wherever she went she tried to make it a better place. I can’t imagine how much of a loss it will be to those who knew her in “real life”, as I’m sure she did the same for them and meant the world to them. My deepest condolences to her family and friends. Thoughts & prayers go out to them.

    You’ll be missed, mod-hero. *Snooks’ hugs*

    Thanks TerM!

    Got kinda worried snooks might be gf, but seems there's no gf in the set-up so she is absolutely confirmed.

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    This is definitely very sad.. did not expect to hear this at all

    Although I haven't had on account on these forums for very long in comparison, I've occasionally browsed around for at least 2 or 3 years and she was a constant presence; I was always very entertained to read her posts here. Unfortunately I didn't know her, but I know she will be missed by those who did.

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    You were the dearest friend to me. You helped me get through so many difficult times, yet... you were always a fighter no matter what, and you constantly lifted people’s spirits. She was someone who I confided in a lot.... she helped me overcome some tragedies in my life even when I also lost a loved one. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I could always tell how much she deeply cared about everyone, even in the forums and when she was a leader of one of the clans I joined. She made my time there very memorable.

    You will be very missed Pet My condolences to her family and her loved ones.

    Special hugs to DragonX101 for the amazing sig

    In loving memory of our dear Pet/Raindragon. <3

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