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    And it's tellin' me that things are not the same
    I still struggle to hold my tears when I visit this thread (both on Clash and Hay Day forum), it's hard to find words to describe my sadness.

    Ever since I learned the news, I've been filled with memories about Raindragon. I remember the day she became Moderator, the PM we exchanged, the virtual hugs we shared once I joined the squad. I was fortunate to meet her in real life and share a real hug. I didn't realize how challenging her daily life was through her chat until we met in person. She was inspiring and always cared for the community. Anyone says "Forum contest"? You'll see her name.

    I woud like to say a big THANK YOU to the community that has been with her all this time, because the happiness and care are mutual.

    Her memories live on and her spirit, her courage stay in the people who got to know her. You are dearly missed, my friend.

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    I have only just seen this thread.

    I'm very sorry to hear this, sending my love to her family & friends
    Very sad to be losing our much loved forum ~ and many friends
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    Oh, how sad - I can’t see through tears. She was so kind, gentle, lovely...

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    This makes me so sad.

    RIP RainDragon. You'll be missed by many.

    Credit goes to Be A Legend for this gorgeous signature! Thank you!!

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    I am only just now seeing this. I saw the sticky topic and my heart fell, hoping it wouldn’t be what I thought.

    I only “met” Raindragon through a couple of her forum games and only fairly recently - I think 2019 was the first time. The warmth and good humour in her posts made me like her almost instantly and though I never knew her personally, I am terribly sad to know that she is no longer with us; so very sad that I can only imagine the gaping hole left in the lives of those fortunate to have been her friends and family. Bless you all.

    May she rest in peace.

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