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    It is with great sadness that I bring the news of the passing of our much-loved forum moderator, Raindragon. Earlier today we learned that she passed away in early March. Raindragon was a dear friend to me. We texted daily and I'm very sad to learn of her death.

    Raindragon started on the forum in January 2013 and became a forum moderator in August 2013. She played Clash of Clans and Hay Day. She loved doing forum contests and cared deeply for the forum community. She loved dragons and the color purple.

    RIP Raindragon. I love you and miss you so much.
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    This is such sad news 😢. Although I did not know Pet as well as some, we shared a few laughs in PMs. I’m sure if I met Raindragon or had more interaction she surely would have become a favorite friend. My heart goes out to her family, and those in our forum community that knew her well.

    Rest easy Raindragon. 💜

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    She will be missed.... Rest easy indeed

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    It's been a wonderful 4 years here. Thanks everyone and stay in touch!
    Thank you ilovehayday for sharing this sad news. I just recently asked a mutual friend if she had known how Rain was doing as we both have been concerned about her. I am so sad to hear this and my heart too goes out to her beloved family and friends. I will miss her humor and fun forum contests
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    Sad news

    My second farm was blessed to have spent some time with Pet, her 3 farms, her endless trees and bushes, her selflessness, her clash friends who became my friends.

    No matter how much pain she was in, she spent so much energy trying to take away others pain.

    while her pain is now gone, my heart aches for her daughter.

    may she Rest In Peace

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    I first met Raindragon in clash with many other forumers and it was her persistance that had me start playing hayday eventually joining her hood 4 plus years ago. She was my good friend both here and in the réal world. I was lucky to have had her friendship and influence here and in the real world. I will let others speak about all that was good about her because I stink at it. I miss her all ready but know she is in a better place now and that is some comfort. RIP my friend.....

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    Such sad news. Rest In Peace Raindragon❤️❤️

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    This is such sad news indeed.

    Dearest Raindragon,
    I have been looking for words to express how I feel for since I learned of the news. We have moderated in these forums so long and I have been fortunate enough to meet you as well in Finland a couple of times.

    Your kindness, care and concern for others and their well-being was out of this world. Despite your own situation with your health which you often made sound like it was not a big deal. Always looking out for others, always time to listen and give advice.

    You identified so much with the goofy dancer in her purple dress (not a coincidence that this is your favorite color) and therefore you will always wander around many a Hay Day town. And I will look at her smiling for having known you.

    RIP sweet dragon you will be sadly missed.

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    I was so very sad to hear of Raindragon's passing. She was such a lovely person, and had a positive and cheerful attitude, despite her health issues.

    When I first became a Mod she was very supportive and helpful, and always gave me sound advice. I know other forum members and players have benefitted from her kindness over the years. She was a treasure, who will be missed.

    Her family are in my thoughts.
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    I'm absolutely heartbroken. She's was such a presence, such warmth and kindness, such a big heart she was so willing to give. It's such sad news. Although we did know this day would come, now that it's here it's a lot harder than I anticipated.
    She touched so many people and brought such joy to so many of us who played with her over the years. She really did make a difference and her memory will live on with us!

    Rest in Peace my friend.

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