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    Getting beaten by experienced players is part of every game. It makes you want to get better. However getting beaten because you have no chance is not fun. My 3rd account is a th9. tried cwl but everytime, I get matched with a th11 or 12. It has no chance. The only thing to do for lower th now is farm and level up.

    When th11 didn't exist wars were not dominated by max th10s. Everyone had fun in wars. Why do you expect people will be discouraged because an experienced player beat them. If I play fortnite and get beaten, it's OK. But if my weapon is limited to a frying pan only and most have machine guns, then that will discourage me as a new player.

    And no it will not stop people from upgrading. people will upgrade the main, and maybe make a second or a third to max at that level.
    CWL isn’t a solo match, it is a clash of one clan against another. You don’t “match” any player on the other clan. The point is for your clan to maximize their stars and analyze the map to create a strategy to do so. That might be going for 2 stars or even 1 star high up. Some of my most fun CWL attacks have been when it was my job to use a th10 or th11 to go for 2 stars against one of the top bases.

    If you aren’t one of the strongest 15-20 players in your clan, that’s a different story. It could be you’d have more fun in a different clan for CWL week.

    Your clan will only win about half the time whether they increase the upgrade speed at lower halls or not.

    When th11 didn’t exist there was no CWL so now you’re mixing classic war in.
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    Contact SC here. Click here for how trophies are calculated. Click here to see how war map placement of max halls is determined. An idea to improve legends here. I wish max players had a separate loot bank as described here. Caution, I often discuss for the sake of discussion and enjoy having my opinion challenged (or approved of) even when I care little about the actual issue. My balance wish: get rid of tornado trap, make it a decoration.

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