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    Down to 1 now had 2 in weekly deals cost 332 diamonds and a special offerwith 2 cherry trees 14.99 money and diamonds I should not have had to spend.last month I spent 300 pounds.

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    Short version. I have exact same problem. Missing 4 permits for the last piece of land, but for the last two weeks, this have been impossible.

    Have been through support with 5 different persons reply on my thread. Now this is getting funny, because two of them indeed wrote that I had a problem and this should NOT happen. They wanted proof as game screen shoots, but final answer was also from this "sparky" writing, there is nothing we can do!

    My conclusion together with support is following,

    Wheel of furtune - No permits on the wheel even that one is guaranteed, only for me and not the 26 other players in my hood. Support confirmed that this should be impossible but that I was unlucky.

    Farm pass - No permits. Support confirmed there should be 4, but wanted proof as screen shoots. They got the proof and would investigate. This topic was closed by sparky!

    Valley - No permits. Prizes is automatically generated. I was "just" unlucky to get none!

    Derby - Not possible to shuffel up permits in row 4 & 7 for the last two weeks. Support confirmed there always are permits hidden in row 4 & 8 so if I only wanted permits, I could leave the 9th horseshoe!

    So I have no idea how to get the last 4 permits. Looks like this "sparky" is the last level of support, just closing threads event that other support members confirmed a problem.

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