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Thread: Looking for a handful of experienced clashers

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    Looking for a handful of experienced clashers

    Welcome to the Slippery Pigs recruitment thread.

    A few things about the clan:
    We are a level 10 clan that wars quite often and always maxes clan games. The clan is made up of people from many different countries who all speak English.

    Reasons to join:
    We have many th12s and 13s who donate a variety of max troops. Lower players can also donate high level troops due to the plus 2 level donos. The clan also has many experienced players who would be happy to give you tips and try out new base designs. Slippery pigs doesnít have an age requirement but we generally donít accept annoying 12 year olds so itís a friendly environment for both older and younger players.

    Some requirements include being th10, speaking English, donating, and participation. Itís ok not to want to be in war but make sure your opted out. If ur in war your expected to use both attacks. We also have a limit on clan games points, 500 minimum. There are no time zone requirements.

    Be friendly! We are also looking for about a 1:1 donation ratio to make sure everyone is helping out. We encourage clan chat conversations but keep it mature and respectful, if there is a problem just let a co know in a respectful way.

    Promotions can be earned overtime by donating, maxing clan games points and using both war attacks.

    The clan isnít always the most active in chat so chatty plays are welcome and can hopefully get the chat a little more lively.

    Wanting to join?
    Our clan tag is #28YJU90QG
    You can request to join through there or leave your th level, hero level, in game name, your war stars and a picture of your base if possible down below and Iíll get back to ya.

    I look forward to chatting some of you guys will hopefully be clashing with all the new recruits soon.

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    Just a bump up. Still looking for a handful of experienced players

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    Just another daily bump. In addition to recruiting weíd also be interested in merging a small clan of about 20 players or less into ours. If ur interested in joining or merging just follow the steps I posted above

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    Daily bump. Just finished cwlís in 3rd. Still looking for more players.

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    Daily bump

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    Daily bump. Weíve had 3 spots taken, weíre still looking for many more experienced players tho

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