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Thread: Completed a Mystery Derby Task, did NOT get the points!

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    Angry Completed a Mystery Derby Task, did NOT get the points!

    Hi all, I completed four of the mystery derby tasks, but was only credited for three of them. My points should be 1600 in total, but are still only at 1200. You can see all four completed tasks on my derby task list. Iíve contacted support, but they havenít been very helpful at all. They didnít give me my points even though they acknowledged that Iíve completed four tasks in total. Instead they gave me a booster that Iíll end up trashing anyway. What kind of support is this? I want the points that I spent my time earning! Help!

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    Same problem, used farm pass to reactivate mystery task

    List of tasks i completed 400x8 + 320 = 3520, which is showing correctly in task list. My point total and also neihborhood points is wrong, counting only 3120

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    Same problem

    I should have 2532 and have 2132. This is the difference between first and 3rd place in my derby. This is the second time this has happened.

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    Not only mystery derby tasks

    I finished a regular task, because, there wasn't a mystery task, which should have brought me up to the 2132 that it's now showing. I finished another mystery task after that one and it gave me the points for the one that wasn't a mystery task.

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