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Thread: Progression Percentage

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    Quote Originally Posted by vansimon View Post
    Clash Ninja Unsure how it counts % of different units, if itís time based or building based?
    I think they do it based on total amount of upgradable buildings and how many of them are already completed. Same mathematics for the walls, heros and troops as well. Not sure.
    If we get ingame stats like that ya we no longer have to rely on those third party sites.

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    I like this idea... and as people pointed out on what basis progression should be counted, and about the inclusion of walls, I would say same problem will be there with heroes, so I have an idea-

    Each building or trap upgrade a single time should be counted as a single similar unit of progression say "A". Total building upgrades in a townhall should give 40% progression to a player.

    Each troop or spell or siege machine upgrade should be counted as another unit say "B", now obviously B is not equal to A, but completing all lab upgrade should give another 40% progression to a player.

    Hero upgrades and walls upgrades are the most tiring things, so all cumulative hero upgrades should give a player 15% progression. Remaining are walls, which most people skip when they rush or not rush. Walls should be given 5% progression allocation, so the players who really want 100% progression will upgrade walls for the last 5%.

    Now this idea can be a good thing to discourage rushing. SC is obviously against rushing because it made mandatory to place all new buildings before upgrading town hall and upgrade town hall defense to max at th12 and th13. So, we can add achievements in game that rewards players with gems and xp every town hall level when they progress fully 100%. Also, this progression statistics should be included in highlighting way in profile, so that players can feel proud if they have done well, as well as clans can immediately know about player when they decide if or not to include a particular player in clan war or while kicking all rushed players in their clan.

    Now point is rushers must not have also upgraded buildings in previous town halls, so their progression shouldn't grow unless they upgrade to the max levels of those buildings in their current town halls. This will seriously discourage rushers unless that rushed account is your mini which you have only kept for specific purposes.

    We can also have total progression meter for whole game(not just our town hall level) whose percentage maybe calculated on similar lines as my above idea for a particular town hall.

    Now people will ask how can we equate two buildings or troops with different cost and time as single unit, so I want to say this will be the most simplest way to implement this progression percentage idea if it would be ever implemented. Also it would just help players by giving some statistics like how many upgrades finished, how many left instead of how many days worth upgrades or how much resources worth upgrade(as 3 resources are there, this will further complicate the situation).

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    I think, any % of upgrade completion should be based on a % of time (not buildings)
    As an example if you imagine there are 50 upgrades to max out the TH (excluding the walls) and total upgrade time was 100 days, if 25 of those upgrades take only 30 days (those small trap upgrades say) and the other 25 take 70 days then I would not want to see I am 50% of the way to maxed TH if I did all the traps first, and still had 70% of the remaining time ...

    I think walls need to show separate as these is no time to upgrade and the number of walls to do, just would make the stats meaningless if they counted as a single upgrade.

    Probably the Lab should be separate also...

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