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Thread: Cant find anyone to fight against

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    Angry Cant find anyone to fight against

    I just recently opened Clash of clans again after nearly a 1 year break. Immidiatly i got the notification that my villagers need some time bc of the shield thing, i didnt know how that was possible because i didnt log in in nearly a year but ok. After some minutes i logged in again, attacked once, bought the gold pass and started some upgrades bc i wanted to paly again right now. But now i often get the Shield warning, that i cant log in to my account correctly and when i try to find enemys to attack, i see the clouds for half a second and then get back to my village. No error message, nothing. i just invested money and now i cant do anything. Every support side isnt really a support side bc all there is are answers to irrelevant things, i wrote a ticked ingame from my Phone and the automatic message told me it can last up to 72 houres so im trying it here now.

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    There is no ‘help game support’ in forums. You can get free advice from others that have experienced similar issues, but no one here has access to the game other than their own village(s). They are all just players. Good luck

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    Your having this specific issue or something different?

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