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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonHunter1389 View Post
    All my sneaky goblin died, back to e drag strategy
    That means you did something very wrong because sneaky gobs are the easiest farming strategy available. You need to look for DEAD bases. The key giveaway of a dead base is the eagle and infernos are all depleted, and the storages have no loot in them. All of the loot that you need to raid is in the collectors and you need to look for the dead bases that have collectors on the outside of the walls. That way you only need to use one sneaky goblin per collector.

    Don't fall back on eddies if you can't figure out how to use sneaky goblins. At least use miners as an alternative because a full army takes more than half the training time as eddies
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    I find building costs and timers prety ok. Sure it's boring to wait 2 weeks, but just keep 1 builder free to upgrade walls in the mean time. In legends you are flooded with recources if you do all your 8 attacks every day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonHunter1389 View Post
    All my sneaky goblin died, back to e drag strategy
    Yes, they die, after getting loot. You can take out a resource collector with one single sneaky goblin, maybe two, and nothing else. They are very efficient. You can take out storages with 2-3 sneaky goblins. Yes, they die after that, but who cares? You just got a lot of value. Your "e drag strategy" is not a strategy for farming. You've already proven that to yourself by struggling to keep up with costs. If you are intent on using edrags, then I recommend moving up to Legends and using them there. At least you won't lose any loot on defense and you'll get the big bonus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonHunter1389 View Post
    All my sneaky goblin died, back to e drag strategy
    I am wholly unsure what it is you were doing, but I am 100% sure it was wrong. I took the liberty of uploading a couple of my recent attacks here:

    Long raid, where I went in and got storages and TH:

    Shorter raid where I just got collectors with some archers and a few sneakies:
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