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Thread: Looking for new neighborhood.

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    My number is #RLL02P28. I would like to join a neighbourhood after derby has finished.

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    Just sent a friend request 😁 like the cat photo. We all have cats too 🐱🐱🐱

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaylene57 View Post
    Hi I'm looking for a new neighborhood. I'm from Australia and love to play hayday. I'm in my own neighborhood at the moment so I could play derby. I am quiet at times so not real chatty, I don't like to see people being nasty to others. My number is #Y9UJOPJY if interested just check my farm, machines are usually going. I finish all tasks, I'm not a stacker apart from town but I always finish in time for everyone. I only use Facebook. . My neighborhood name is Kay's in Australia. I'm level 178. Thank you for reading.
    You can definitely join my neighborhood! Iím level 70 And hoping to recruit more neighbors! I donít do that having to complete extra task, thatís completely up to the Discretion of the player. Of course completing any tasks help, but I recommend shooting for the higher point tasks! But overall really just have fun and help out and be willing to chat! Check out my farm #YCLYQJJ8 We have 15 members now and hoping to grow!
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