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    Making trading loot possible

    I think it would be cool if people could trade loot or give each other loot if both sides accept the transaction.

    for how the trade would actually open i was thinking having a trade request system where you could click the players user and have an option under it say “trade” or “request trade” then be able to send one. with this though players should have the option to turn requests off so they won’t receive any then of course back on if they want to receive a request and then the person attempting to request if the persons requests were off would get a notification saying that persons trade requests are off.

    in the trade there should be a part where you can select what specifically you are looking for from the trade (like for example gold, elixier.. where you would just tap which currencies you would accept in the trade) to which would be displayed to the other person in the trade, this would not include a specific amount as that would be discussed in a chat box i’ll mention a bit further into this suggestion.

    when actually making an offer or trade you would be able to select however much of the loot that you want to trade/offer (as long as you of course have that much to offer) to be added on as loot you are willing to trade - for example someone might select 1 million normal elixier to trade and then the person they trading with might offer 40k dark elixier.

    with this there should be a chat box so you can bargain with whoever you are trading with, (likely a clan member) and then also have the ability to edit the amount you are offering. I don’t know how difficult it would be but it would also be nice if you could trade more than one type of currency at a time (like elixier and gold)

    i think along with the normal currency it could allow gems to be traded as well.

    this might be a bit complicated and i hope i covered everything but as a base idea i think it would be a neat feature to have among clans.

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