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Thread: Derby rewards for the top 3 positions

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    Derby rewards for the top 3 positions

    I would really like the Hay Day team to see about a better way to reward the top 3 positions. If you make the extra effort to place in 1st, 2nd or 3rd, shouldn’t you get something better than saws? Perhaps a special decoration, or scrolls, blue prints or nails, etc. Make the rewards truly special 😊

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    Yess, i agree, we don’t even try harder to be in the top 3, or even to get 3 bunny’s. Why should we? We don’t get nice things for it, just stupid normal ones, i can buy those myself.

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    Disagree...usually Top 3 and bunnies comes up with items I can't make nor send Tom for, i.e. a specific expansion item I am low on, scrolls, etc...

    Some hoods are adamant on finishing 1st, whereas...from my view, same prizes for 3rd as 1st. That should be under consideration.

    3 extra prizes for 1st, 2 for 2nd, annnnd just 1 for 3rd.
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    Please consider the neighborhoods that can never score in the top 3, we want special decos too and would get very jelly

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