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    Lightbulb CWL Tourney

    What would this change entail?
    A prolonged and larger Clan War League (4 weeks/16 clans/15v15) with more on the line and more continuous battles for clans to improve and adjust. The first 3 of the 4 weeks would be regular season, where clans face each other off and compete in wars won -> (if wars won is the same) star gained -> (if that still remains the same) stars difference. In the last week of the CWL, the bottom 8 clans would be eliminated from CWL and could proceed with preparing for the next season or start regular wars. The top 8 clans that finish would be able to compete in an elimination format where the top clan would face the 8th, 2nd would face the 7th, 3rd - 6th, and so on... Eliminated clans are eliminated from the tournament and free to start regular wars. Promotion/demotion of the this format could remain the same as the current format, but instead of 2 clans being promoted/dempted, 4 clans are promoted/demoted because of the larger clan pool.
    This opens the gate for regular players to partake in competitive play with their friends rather than custom friendly wars introduced by the community.
    Change to current CWL required:
    7 days -> 28 days
    8 clans -> 16 clans
    None -> Elimination
    30v30 -> Cancelled

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    It would seems so, but at the same time, the war is 15v15. The clan would have to rotate people in and out of wars. The problem that I have with CWL right now is the following:
    Win by star count, not wins.
    Every clan faces every other clan once, there are no rematches.
    No 'must win' wars.
    In an elimination format, it would be a lot more intense with alot more on the line, as in your clan could be eliminated. There are also rematches, that can allow certain clans to play each other more than once. I believe this is important because of variety. People's base building and attack methods would have to be more varied in order for it to be successful. In addition, it gives the clan a chance of redemption.
    People would be able to be rotated in and out. And preferably this is only for clans masters and higher for the better competency of clan members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ValhallaTitans View Post
    The problem that I have with CWL right now is the following:
    Win by star count, not wins.
    Every clan faces every other clan once, there are no rematches.
    No 'must win' wars.
    I disagree that these problems exist. As it currently stands, cwl is hard to do well in if you aren't winning. The extra 10 stars each win would mean 70 above a clan that only loses if a clan never loses. Thats very hard to reach. Just an illustration here that my clan experienced:

    One clan are good attackers averaging 38 stars each war but 1.
    2nd clan great defenders, holding opposing clans to below around 25. But can't attack well and averages 30 stars.
    They face off and the good attacking clan loses. Making their record 6-1 vs the defending clan at 7-0.

    The issue here is the attacking clan performed better every other war and only had problems once. Based on the averages they should be 46 stars ahead (removed 10 from the win bonus) but off wins, they should be 2nd. I like the current system because it rewards defending and attacking. An all win system would let clans choose which to emphasize based on the meta.

    As for no must win wars. My clan is in crystal 1, fairly new and often on the weaker end of the match ups. In order to do good, we have to find which wars are must win wars to avoid demotion. This last war day in cwl, we faced the top clan in our league. This was a be careful and go for 2* % type situation for us. But we found out they had 1 base 15 times, a base I'm familiar with enough I can 3* like clockwork. This went from a be careful to a must win war. It hyped up our clan. Their rushed bases even allowed our 12s to copy my attack for 3*s. If you dont have must win wars its because your clan is to low or isn't as competitive as you want it to be. My clan doesn't expect to do well in cwl but rallies for a week each month to give it our all and see where we fall.

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