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Thread: Hot air balloon landed on a farm

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    Hot air balloon landed on a farm

    One day (it was on Monday at 11 o'clock sharp) I went to my farm to harvest.
    I saw in the sky a balloon approaching my farm, and soon it began to slowly descend in the area of ​​the house where the crow is sitting.
    In a minute I was already there. Two people and a Labrador came out of the basket.
    - Paul, - one of them introduced himself.
    - Sophie.
    - Porthos, - the Labrador introduced himself.
    “We are travelers,” Paul continued, “and flew to you on the recommendation of Greg, who advised us to visit you if we had any problems with the flight. We flew through dangerous places and lost a lot of provisions. Could you please help us? "
    I asked: "How can I help?"
    “We need some food and drinks to continue our journey without problems,” said Sophie. - Could you cook for us ...? (then went the list of items - 4 carrot cakes, 2 syrups, 4 sandwiches, 2 white and 2 brown sugars, feta salad, 4 carrot juices, 5 bacons for Porthos ...). In 5 days we need to continue our journey "...
    There was a little excitement and hope in her voice at the same time.
    - Of course, - I agreed, - settle down where it is convenient for you, and I need to get down to business.
    Five days passed unnoticed. My guests were fixing the balloon, and I was working on the farm. In the end, everything was prepared and food and drinks were loaded into the balloon basket.
    My new friends thanked me. The balloon began to rise slowly.
    I had one question for them:
    - Tell me, do you know Camila?
    - Camila?
    - Well, yes, Camila. Among other things, she also hosts the international Dairy News program.
    - Ah, Camila ... Well, sometimes we fly to her on business ...
    - Could you remind her of the request for additional land expansion on the farm?
    The balloon rose higher and higher.
    “Everything is possible in this world,” I heard a philosophical answer from above, and soon the balloon disappeared from sight.
    I noticed in the bushes (where their balloon was) a beautiful box and a sheet of paper attached to it.
    I began to read: “Dear friend, thank you for your help, and we will definitely tell our friends about your friendly attitude towards the guests of the farm. We left a small box, you may need what is in it ...
    Best regards, Paul, Sophie and Porthos. "
    I opened the box and saw coins, level ups, vouchers and even ...
    Now, on Monday, I will look into the sky and wait for the new arrival of the balloon.

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    "Another Day in Paradise"
    Love the imagination j18a!

    Thank You TerMinus for the awesome sig!

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    Thank you for your kind words.

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    This sounds like a great idea. Hot air balloons and farms just seem to go together, to me.

    Thanks TerM!

    Got kinda worried snooks might be gf, but seems there's no gf in the set-up so she is absolutely confirmed.

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    Love the story, and idea!

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