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    Ernest vs Rose

    Who do you find more useful?

    I use Rose whenever available.
    What I don't like about Ernest is before I go to sleep, I like stack my dairy mill with cheese and goat cheese.
    However, Ernest would throw in a butter, or worst, cream in the machine before I get a chance to fill them up myself.

    I know Rose can do the same with animal feed (throwing chicken feed) but it is less impactful. I rarely run out of feed as I do with dairy products.

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    I found Rose a bit more useful early on in the game. I stopped using them both a long time ago. I have about 6 boosters of each of them that I swap out when I get something better. Been playing for awhile now and don't have much need for them. My barn and silo are large enough for my own storage.

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    I let them work as a team. I use the free trial and then add boosters. I turn everything over to them and focus on other aspects of my farm

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    Remembering 8 years of being part of this wonderful forum
    I used them once but that was all. I prefer to stack my machines myself. I also use the boosters as a swap for others I get. However my husband uses them them regularly.

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    I prefer rose and use her when she is free, especially to help in the valley. Ernest I never use.


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    It's been a wonderful 4 years here. Thanks everyone and stay in touch!
    I love the helpers and use them as often as possible. Love getting boosters for them (over other boosters) since I also hire them with diamonds. Barn space is always an issue for me, so they really help with that.
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    I just recently started using these two. At first I was annoyed with Rose for leaving my animals hungry when she had feed available. Then I discovered the settings where I can have her keep all animals fed. Now I like her better then Ernest. 😎

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    I rarely use Ernest because I can make sugar and cheese on my own. But I do like Rose a lot, is good that my farm animals are being taken care of while I work/sleep and the extra storage space is very helpful since my barn is not that big. Also I never seem to run out of bacon and milk to feed my pets when Rose is active which is nice too

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    Ernest and Rose are both useful to me, but I like Rose the most; she is able to feed and get the products from the animals when I do not time for it, and makes sure that there is plenty of food for them as well.

    Ernest is someone that you need to learn how he works (and make of course your own decision how to play); during the day, I change the number of diary products a bit and add (f.e.) cream to all slots so he will pick it up when it's finished; during my sleeping hours, I adjust the settings (numbers) again and add (goat)cheese to it; he will pick it up when the product is ready and add it to his own inventory.
    Regarding sugar is it the same way; the brown/white sugar during the day, evening/night sirup. So I can make sure that he is not able to produce products that costs a lot of time when I am able to play.

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    I always use them together. You can change Ernest's output when going to bed to not produce anything while you stack and change it back to normal production when you get up. Honestly, I just use Ernest for goat cheese and pull my other dairy needs from baby farms (I have 2). The real benefit to me is their storage. My barn is always full so am able to collect more expansion materials and still run a smooth operation when I don't have to store feed, bacon, eggs, milk, goat cheese or sugar.

    I just don't understand why Rose leaves some animals unfed after collecting even though she has the feed available?? I usually end up feeding most of the animals myself with her feed stores.

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