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Thread: Patient Warrior Recruiting!!

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    Patient Warrior Recruiting!!

    Hey Clashers we are a Newly Found Clan looking for new members to Join our Team

    We are currently a war based clans and a Level 2 and quickly Rising up

    Looking For TH9s and Up to Join our friendly Crew and to help Join us for our first CWL

    Hope to see you on the clashafield with us soon timing Patience and Release Your inner warrior with us

    Clash Code #2LQYVG0QV or OQV or add XGingerBoomX Social Happy Clashing

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    Patient Warrior 8spots left for CWL!!

    Level 4-5 Clan looking for 8 more players to join us for a 30-30 CWL Gold League 1 Clan Code #2LQYVGOQV

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